The Superlatives Romance help. (Spoilers)

I hope this is under the correct topic, I’m trying to romance Hugh Walton. Things always seem to be going well with him right up till the end when he breaks up, am I doing something wrong or is that just the way his romance always ends?

that’s what i was wondering too. maybe that’s just the way it is…

I’m sure you can romance him. What I did was just persuade him to become a hero again, and then, whala! Happy end! :clown_face:

Is Wailer a Romance Option?


So only Hugh, Jane Willow and Lady Dusk are the romance options?

If you are talking only about the first book then yep, those three are the ROs.

Dusk is genderflippable. :smiley:

And the ROs in the second book are three as well - - - - Kesh, Patel, ans Vesper?

bruh i need help, is the RO in book 1 different from that in book 2?. I proposed to jane in the epilogue and she turned me down :cry: