Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven - need some help with character recap

Hey, all,

As you might know, part two of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven has recently dropped, and after getting it, I just realized that I may have a problem. Due to the sheer number of characters I encountered in part one, its impossible for me to remember who everyone is, how I met them, and what they’ve done in the plot so far. It’s been a very long time since I played the first installment, and it’s difficult for me to go back and replay it, now that I’ve started a file in part two.

If anyone here could help me remember who did what and why, and how you encounter them in part one, it would be much appreciated. I do remember who Jaime, Woody, Jillian, Parker, Brody, Madison, and Rachel are. I’m just very fuzzy on Bailey, Benji, Dante, Kelly, Lopez, Nathan, Nora, and Reilly, who are also currently in my party.

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Dante is a ex reality TV show star that was a bounty hunter (if you have seen the reality TV show called Dog the Bounty Hunter then Dante was pretty much Dog in this case). Lopez is the solider that you can choose to save from his captors that collapsed in front of your house. Kelly was a tv reporter I think while Nora and Reilly (I’m positive on this but not so sure) is the mother and son that you meet at the end of the Safe Haven part One.

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Yep your right that they are the mother and son combo you meet at the end of part one. Riley is also the Bank Robber MC’s partner in crime in their prologue

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Oh damn really? I’ll have to do that playthrough lol I always played as a solider.


Yeah its a pretty cool one as it adds a unique dynamic to the group though I preferred my police MC as the mild suspicion we have for one another adds a cool roleplaying aspect to the game


There’s a character reference in the stats if that helps.


Wait it’s out already?!

Yeah, Part Two has been added to Safe Haven as an update. I’m not sure which platform you play on but check for an update.

Anyone remember what part you meet Kelly at? I’m trying to figure out how being a TV reporter factors into her role in the plot.

I think you meet her when the mob is outside the Makarov’s place, when they’re accusing Jr. of being infected.

And after that you also meet her when you go to attack the Makarovs after their rampage on your house

Finally, Kelly tries to run as leader in part 2, and Reilly nominates her because he thinks that she’s good on the news.

More like he thinks she’s hot. Lol


Bailey, Benji and Nathan are the three individuals who are loading up Rachel’s camper at the end of part one. They made up 'Rachel’s Group’s and if you went over to Rachel, you can choose to speak with any one of the three before you leave. Doing so with the guys gives you an intro to them, talking to Bailey opens her up as a potential LI in part two.

There is a summary list of the characters in the game.


Bailey: a college student and member of Rachel’s group.
Description: long brown hair, pale skin, dark blue eyes, short nose, and thin lips.

Benjimin: a doctor and member of Rachel’s group.
Description: British accent, tall, tribal tattoos over his arms, and a nasty scar along his left cheek.

Brody: a student of Chipper Ridge High school you met while saving Jaime. Twin brother to Madison. They are Milfords, the richest family in Nightfall.
Description: short blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin, highly athletic build, well-defined muscles, taller than average.

Dante: injured man running from two zombies outside of your home on day one post-outbreak.
Description: deep, rich brown skin tone, a larger head than should fit on his narrow, bony frame. A thick gold chain hangs from his neck with the letters DANTE.

Jaime: a close friend.
Description: six-foot-ten and four hundred pounds.

Jillian: a stranger who showed up with Lyle outside of your house on the first night post-outbreak.
Description: curvy figure, slightly angled teeth, a sharp overbite, a dot of a mole above her lip, and blond hair with dark roots.

Kelly: reporter for the TV news first met on the day of the outbreak, outside the Makarovs’ house, at the head of a mob.
Description: pale skin, waify build, long, jet black, straight hair, fully tattooed arms.

Lopez: soldier who collapsed outside your home on day one post-outbreak.
Description: tan skin, brown hair in a crew cut, clean shaven, angular facial features, average but toned body.

Madison: a student of Chipper Ridge High school you met while saving Jaime. Twin sister to Brody. They are Milfords, the richest family in Nightfall.
Description: golden blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin, thin but curvy and average height.

Nathan: A member of Rachel’s group.
Description: tall and lean, scruffy beard, strong jaw, brown eyes, wears expensive dress pants and a tailored shirt.

Nora: mother of Reilly, They showed up on day two post-outbreak outside of your burning house.
Description: woman in her sixties, gray hair, blue eyes, frail, uses a cane.

Parker: your neighbor, a museum curator, scientist, and teacher.
Description: of Korean descent, short spiky hair, stocky build.

Rachel: cousin of Vince, your neighbor from your home in Nightfall.
Description: has a slight British accent, stands tall and lithe, light brown hair falls just above her shoulders, appearing sharply cut at the ends.

Reilly: a man who you first met outside your burning house, who’s now a member of your group.
Description: slight Irish accent, thin and toned build, hair chestnut brown, long, and swept back.

Reverend Church: he had a car accident outside your home on day one post-outbreak.
Description: short, dark-skinned man in a pin-striped suit and pastel pink shirt.

Rosie: one of the bandits who you encountered when you followed Jillian and Lyle to the parking lot.
Description: long, red-hair, jagged like it’s been hacked with a knife, average body, multiple scars on fair skin.

Tommy: a college student and your neighbor encountered outside of the Makarovs’ house on the day of the outbreak. On day one post-outbreak, you went with him to his home to help save his mother who had been bitten by an infected. He joined your group on day two post-outbreak.
Description: strong, athletic build, striking, almost mature facial features.

Woody (Moses): Jaime’s cousin, he showed up at your house on day two post-outbreak.
Description: shaggy and unkempt hair, wears a bushy, untrimmed beard, and generally muted, work clothes.


Perfect. Thanks for this.

wait a teenager can romance kelly?

I don’t think so yet. Maybe in part 3, after the time skip? Tho not like I could have checked it out myself. My teenager MC (maybe the smartest of my MCs), always refuses to take part in Kelly’s crazy idea of forcing Peter Makarov to come out or sending an angry mob at him and his father, resulting in my MC not being very liked by Kelly.


Was asking because in my current play through as a teenager in part 2 when asked who is your main romantic interest kelly was an option.

How old is Jillian?