Way Walkers Guide

Can anybody give me a guide for Way Walkers here?? I’m kinda desperate. I’ve been trying all kinds of paths and still can’t do the things I want to do. Specifically, creating an energy ball to counter Clay in the 1st part and beating him in a duel at the 2nd one.


I’ve been scouring Google for information about a guide or walk-through and can only find random suggestions and solutions to certain situations. I don’t know if there’s a guide available on Way Walkers’ Discord, but I couldn’t find one on their Facebook page. It appears that a play-through guide doesn’t exist.

I really wish there was a feature that unlocked after a first play-through showing you what Stat or Relationship is effected for each choice, if no guide actually exists. I’m trying to go for Montage but I have no idea why my choices are giving me points there.

My best guess for your situation would be to have chosen to be an Energy Manipulator in the first game, chosen to have high Kubesh influence, and have joined the dueling club in order to have a high enough Strength & Combat skill to fight Clay in the 2nd game.

In the first game, I died at the end and lost all but 5 points in the Strength & Combat ability so I pretty much didn’t stand a chance against Clay in the 2nd story.

The most helpful play-through information I found was on TV Tropes, of all places:

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To create an energy ball in the first game you have to skip orientation with Sem. You’ll learn about the theory of casting an energy ball from him :slight_smile: The easiest way to beat Clay in the second game is to choose to be an energy manipulator and join the dueling club as a sorcerer in the first game. Talent and Montage of 40 should do it. Hope this helps!


thanks to you both!