How do you get the achievement "Healing Hands" in "Way Walkers University"?

I don’t need a full guide, just some general tips to point me in the right direction. I’ve been trying to create a healer character and I assume I need to invest in Rosin and Desmoulein to make it effective, but I can’t seem to get both. At the beginning of the game, if you choose the hobby that increases Rosin, the life goal to heal people will be locked, and vice versa. Anyway, what should I keep an eye out for while trying to get this achievement? Do I have to go with Sem to see Illian or do I have to be at the theater/arena, or does it happen before that?

There was a scene pretty late in the game when some pure ishim kid called Deacon tries to show off and eat some poisonous fruit.
It’s a new scene that was added in the newer version of the game where they introduce the pure ishim concept and it always happens before the Illian/Show/Tournament scene.
Don’t prevent them from eating it and later on you’d have the option to try heal Deacon

You’d need to be an energy manipulator (exemplary talent won’t work) With either 30 Rosin and 40 Des or 40 Rosin and 45 Montage for the healing to work.
The Rosin and Montage part is easier, you can get 40 Rosin by simply trying to make sense of your vision in the first chapter (gives a Rosin hobby) and 45 Montage by talking with your angel guide in the first chapter and picking “discover my destiny” as your goal.
You will get 44 Montage just in the first chapter and you’d just need to get 1 more by picking a custom name for your character

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Thanks for the help!