Choice of Magics: Achievements

Chu everyone~

I am looking to complete all achievements in Choice of Magics, but have problems finding the right routes/scenes.

Does anybody have any ideas about the following ones?

  • A Kind of Magic;
  • Definitely Honor Roll (I cannot understand how to get to this part of the story - I had 2 students, but never had an opportunity to help them with any projects);
  • Student Project (the same as the previous one);
  • Pretty Much My Favorite Animal (I have created fast-growing dragons and a small creature of my own, but that did not count);
  • Shell Shocked;
  • It’s a Wand Now (where can I find them? There is nothing in the dungeon);
  • A Walk on the Mild Side (is is a part of the Cos romance?)
  • Lovely Landscapes (I am confused by this one - Jacob hates the MC, why would he present them with anything?);
  • Guidance Counselor;
  • Sky City;
  • I’m Sorry, Who? and This Tortoise Mercy (no idea how to meet him after the Academy);
  • Go Forth, My Horde! (created lots of creatures in the town and in the palace garden, but it did not help);
  • Energizer;
  • Call of the Wild;
  • On the Offensive (is it a part of the attack on the Empire?);
  • Like a Bandit (cannot steal more than 1 book for some reason);
  • Uber (is it a part of the 8th chapter where Automation magic was used to much? There is an option to contact the Queen via the mirror);
  • Saint Marie (how to bring her to the Church? The same goes for the student-friend).
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I got all the Achievements, but I don’t quite remember all of them. However, the following may help with some of them. Other people may have better advice/help with this.

This one isn’t to bad to get, though I’m going to speak generally here.

First thing you have to do is teach Seer Marie the magic of Divination. This is simple enough.

When I got it, I also allowed myself to be captured by the Inquisitors. They will ask you a bunch of questions on other people. The first one is “Do you know of any other wizards?” and you can reply that you taught the Seer the art of Divination. This should have them round her up.

Then, when you go exploring the Cathedral, and you should come upon Marie at some point, and you will have a chance to interact with her.

I could be wrong on this, but I think I got this by setting things up in the beginning.

Basically, when you get a chance to choose Magic, choose Vivomancy, and it should allow you to create a new creature. Don’t keep it as a pet, or sell it, but rather let it run off into the woods, and you will create a mate. I don’t know if you need to make someone into a Tortoise (the Inquisitor in the beginning or Banker Sarah). If you do, the horde will come to your aid.

If the above part is wrong where you pick Vivomancy, then you can do it when you try to decide on your future; help Cos publically as a wizard, be his secret wizard, or go alone…Choose Go alone, and pick Vivomancy

As the kgold posted, this one occurs in the latter part of the game. If you go to make peace with the Magisterians, they may decide to imprison you. This is the key. Then there should be a point that if you have high Divination, you can call for help.

This is doable, especially if you go the Saint route in the church.

Obviously don’t kill Jacob. You can’t kill the Hierophant either. Basically support the Church, and use the Glamour magics. This will build up rot, and then you be struck on your deathbed. You will get a choice of people to visit, or who not to visit. Allow Jacob to visit, and accept his apology.

This one is kind of simple to get.

Basically, you can only have Vera/Vance as your apprentice. Don’t ask Seer Marie to be one. Before Vera/Vance ask you out for a night on the town, they will ask you work on a project. It may be a wand (if they didn’t get theirs back) or an item of their choosing. I think there are three choices on the screen, and the first and last are good to pick)

This one won’t really happen until near the end game, once again assuming I remember it correctly.

Basically you have to survive through the Magisterian stuff. You will also need to go for a Vivomancy victory (making dragons, etc.). As you realize, you also need to make someone into a tortoise, the Inquisitor at the start. At the end you will face a ‘boss’ battle with the tortoise and rebellious dragons. Survive the first round, and then you should have an option to turn the tortoise back into human.

Needless to say if you have the Murder Golem on your side, this won’t work

This is a correction after a quick play through. Basically, turn someone into a tortoise, and if you go the vivomancy route, this will pop up when you meet again near the end.

However, I think I got it by going heavy on the Glamour and get sick with the Rot. Before you are bed ridden, though, you and Tal could go on a quest and face a bunch of monster penguins.

Get by them, and go into the tunnel. You will start watching the remnants of a show; switch to the medical show. This will inspire you, when you are laid out with rot, to turn yourself into a tortoise to survive.

You can get this in the latter half of the story.

Either be winning the war against the Magisterians, or be at peace with them. I think the peace route is a bit easier. Also, if you have Vera/Vance as an apprentice, do not romance them.

During a break in the war, or the lull of peace, you can then work on clearing the skies or making the dark sun quiet again.

I think there is another way or two to get the above to work as well. If you don’t have an apprentice, they will start their own project…but you could offer to help them with it. This is more likely to show up if you go the Automation or Negation route.

Once again, I may be wrong with this, but I think this is how I got it.

Be thrown in prison, and get to know Espar. Then you will get three options to comfort him somehow. However, you can only do this if you favor Optimism, Humor or Empathy on the stats page.

Correct, you have to go to war with the Empire, and be on the winning side.

I think this appears if you choose the option of establishing bases on the other side of the Negative Sea (option 3 on that screen) or if your Ancient History is high enough, going straight for their Capital)

I apologize, but this one is really hazy to me, and someone else might have a better suggestion. This one I also got with a vivomancy route. I don’t think I turned into anyone into a tortoise, a dragon just shows up.

It may also help in the beginning if you chose to burrow with claws in the Auditorium (the spiders).

This one you pick near the end if you go the Automation route. It also helps Vera/Vance as an apprentice.

I think it also helps that when you meet the Magisterians, you take down the ship with Automation magic, giving you your own airship

I think this one happens by turning more than two people into tortoises.

Both the inquisitor at the start, and Banker Sarah. Then go through the Vivomancy/Turtle fight at the end in the Wild Woods

Okay, this requires you going the Saint route, but freeing the student friend before that. There should be an option where you can ask the Hierophant if they could become a Saint as well.

It may also help that later they will ask for help with Vivomancy, especially if you kept in contact with divination. Allow them to come watch you work.

Direct from the author themselves (this was one of the last two achievements I needed). But yeah, romancing Cos helps.


This one can be a bit tough to get. This is the way I think I got it, but take it with a grain of salt.

Basically, you need to go through the Cathedral without raising an alarm. A couple things which can help. First, get the antidivination ring from the ruins in the first chapter; I believe it is located in the auditorium. This will keep the Watcher from seeing you in the Cathedral.

Second, when you are in the Cathedral, if you send a blast of Negation upon noting the Watcher first thing, this prevents him from raising the alarm. Talking to him, or engaging in melee gives him a chance to alert that intruders are there.

Going into the library, you will have to handle the Murder-Golem. Then there is an option to go into a room with a treasure Frieze. There is a chest that is a mimic; destroy it (I usually use a luxgladius.) After it is gone, you should get a chance to loot all the books.

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I honestly don’t remember how I got this specific achievement. However, you want to find the student’s wand of Negation, it follows.

The first thing you need to do here is have Vera/Vance follow you around, and you will come across the Murder Golem. After dealing with it, there should be a choice when going forward:

Enter the door with the frieze depicting books.Then Proceed through the door with the treasure-chest frieze.

I managed to get this come up during either a lull in the Magisterian war; I might also have asked Vera/Vance to improve the dragons as well when asking for how they could help.

I apologize if some of these aren’t all clear, or rather rough.

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Thank you very much for all these tips! They were of great use ^^

I still have a few questions, if you allow me:

  1. A Walk on the Mild Side - I do not get the option to help with fast-breeding animals; there are only new crops available for selection. Is there some specific requirement to get this option?

  2. Winning - Surprisingly, I have problems with this achievement now. I can destroy the Empire, make truce, stop them from invading my kingdom, but not conquer - even with high Kingdom Power. And even if I am successful with the first attack.

  3. Signed, Noodles - this is a tricky one, it seems. How come the monkey can easily paint the Hell, but never gets this option in the Heaven?

  4. Atheist - and again somewhat tricky - do I need high calculation to get this option? For now I can only accept it, then either follow the orders or return to bed after meeting Sam.

First, I’m glad some of the tips were useful. Sorry I can’t answer everyone exactly. Now that I’m trying to do the It’s a Wand Now, I’m running into a brick wall :wink:

Anyways, I think I can help with three of your four questions below.

Correct, high Calculation is essential for this (I don’t know the exact value). You also can’t go on the Saint Path; so picking options away from the Church is probably helpful. Just picking the option will net you the achievement.

This one did require a little finessing. There may be some alternate paths to get this, but just to be on the safe side.

  1. I let the Death Clouds wreck the town. No fixing the fans or negating it at the start; I figure rescuing people or just studying is fine.
  2. I did become an ‘official’ wizard. I do go ahead with the plants.
  3. Let Cos be taken by the Inquisitors (heading to Triton could work).
  4. I went through rescuing everyone from the Cathedral, and going back to Akriton.
  5. After getting out, I did the side trip treasure hunt with Tal. This may not be necessary, the idea is to take up time away from Akriton.
  6. Cos will be out of a job. Help him get it back; or if he dies here (if you are Vilified, and don’t give him an enchanted ring, he will die), convince either Tal or your mom to run.
  7. When Cos wins, you will then get the option: Use vivomancy to speed the reproduction of livestock devastated after the last death cloud.
  8. You also need to be romancing either Tal or Cos in this (it worked for both for me)

Note: It is possible the town might not need to be wrecked with the Death cloud in step 1, but I can’t tell for sure. Letting it get hit did seem to me that the animals then needed help.

I know you got the below part, so I’m just listing it how I managed to get it.
There is a moment where Vera/Vance asks, and you face the Murdergolem:
“I could cast a divination, and look for a secret passage!” Vera says. “Surely if there’s a path to Hell, there’s a path to Heaven.”

  1. I pick Let’s go In. Obviously you have to do something about said Golem. With a good enough party, you can destroy it.
  2. Have Noodles paint the room. I chose Less Disturbing, but I don’t think it really matters here.
  3. Then once painted you go automatically to the next room. There should be about six choices. The first one is pray at the ablution fountain, the second is wreck the place, the third is let Noodles paint. Pick the third, and get the achievement.

I don’t have any itemized steps here, but the following are just some thoughts.

  1. Get the Murder Golem on your side. There will be text about it fighting in battle as well. (If you do the bandit achievement, it does look like the Murdergolem stays behind)
  2. Maybe focus on the Vivomancy route to get Dragons, etc. This can also help get a few other achievements. Also, with the Murdergolem there at the end…
  3. Maybe turn in Fruitseller Fran to the mayor, and report things to the spymaster.
  4. You can adopt Negation weapons like the Magisterians do, but it may lead to the Dark Sun path at the end (but if the Winning Achievement is all you want, that’s cool)
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Thank you once again! Everything worked out perfectly ^^

Regarding It’s a Wand Now: I just followed the steps you described, and completed the achievement.

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May I request one too?
It’s in regards to the Pure Saint achievement. (Finding the cure). I already had vivomancy and negation and buried my alchemy set.
And the Play God one.

Can anyone tell me how to successfully negotiate peace with the Magisterian ?

@Liudmila - That’s great you got the ones you needed! Also thanks for letting me know that was how the achievement worked. This was a case that after getting it once, it didn’t pop up for me like the other ones did.

I hope this proves helpful, though like I mentioned to another poster, there could be some variations on this path. Also, I figure you already know how to get there, I’m just putting up a slightly more complete path in case someone else is interested.

The first thing I often do is make sure I have some measurement of Charisma; useful for talking with the lead official.

It is also easier if you taught Seer Marie divination, and have Vera/Vance as your apprentice. The last part isn’t essential (especially if you go the Saint route), but I do think it is helpful.

I also don’t know how much of a role Kingdom Power plays, if any, here.

On to the part itself:

  1. When the Magisterian airship comes up to you when you are visiting your Mom, control/destroy it (Use Negation, Automation or Glamour as appropriate). This then gives you a slight position of power. You then contact the queen, and state you will go as an emissary. If you surrender, they will ask you a few other questions before this.

  2. You will reach a point where the High Magister says: “We’ve noticed your astonishing rise to power,” the high magister says to you. “It is most unusual. How did you come to have such magic?”

I’ll admit, I don’t know the best answer here. I usually pick Option 4, the one where “I’m just talented”. The High Magister then asks about texts. If your Charisma is sufficient, choose Option 2 to lie about where you found them (the High Magister won’t detect the lie). Refusing (Option 3) has worked as well for me.

  1. The next part is the big part where the High Magister also asks who else can use magic in your kingdom. I usually start with Option 2: “Our saints and hierophant all use magic.” - If you pick the first one, they assume it is superstitious nonsense.

Then he will ask you how much magic they know. This is the case where you want to obfuscate, so I tend to pick Option 3: “The full extent of the Church’s knowledge is a mystery even to me.”

  1. Admit to having an Apprentice and teaching the Seer magic as well if you already have.

  2. The final question will be “Our spies tell us that your Church has, until recently, taught that all magic is a sin. So why do you use it? Do you not believe in your own religion?”

Here, I tend to pick Option 2: “I believe the Church teaches what they think they must to keep magic out of evil hands.” You don’t want to appear to superstitious (Option 1) or flighty (Option 3)

A couple more screens pass, and it should tell you whether you made peace or not.

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Surprisingly, your achievement is not about having high vivomancy and negation or even the alchemy set being available. You won’t need it at all.

You need to walk the path of the Saint and have very high relationships with the Church. You also need high Rot. When you become ill, choose the option that there is nothing you can do about your illness. Then meet with friends and family. The last visitor will be hierophant. Be nice to her and she will make an offer to help you. You need to accept it BUT do not become the hierophant yourself. You need the second option - to be a saint but immune to Rot.

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Thank you! Argh I was so close! If only I was nicer to her.


Does anyone know how to get the Parthenon achievement?

I have some advice too, but you need to follow the Church’s path:

As it worked for me: I had high Vivomancy and Charisma(maybe Subtlety is also important here). I agree that it is necessary to deal with the Magisterian airship and get the upper hand. Then, when asked by the queen, choose to negotiate piece. Go to the Empire. Then say that you are one of the saints. Then follow this line and a question will come up about magic and who can use it in your kingdom. Tell them that saints can perform miracles. They will ask you to prove it with your own example. Say that you can heal anybody present in the room. A woman will agree to participate in the experiment. Here you will have several choices, but the best one is to use your healing spell unnoticed. If you succeed, she will immediately stop the war and you will get the Peace achievement.


You’re welcome ^^ Wish you good luck with this achievement!

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First, I want to give a big thanks to Liudmila for posting before me, but I’m adding a couple other things here.

@Luidmila is right here; to get the Pure Saint achievement, the Alchemy set isn’t used here. The main thing here is to get hit by the Rot, and be on the Saint path. You will want to keep relationships high with the church.

Anyways, you are eventually laid up in bed, so choose the option: I can’t think of anything else to try

There are a few more screens and then you will here a voice ordering you to perform one last Miracle. Act as if you will do so, then decide otherwise (or let Sam take you back to bed).

The Hierophant will then appear, and I tend to pick Option 2 or 3. For nicety sake, go with: “Nice of you to visit.”

A couple screens will go by, and then she will ask you what you think it was. Option 1 (“Yes. I still believe, whether we call it Abraxas or something else.”) or Option 2 (“Yes, but I think that higher power is not a being. It is love.”) The third option will really piss her off.

Then you will get the option of accepting the mitre, and from there you can choose either to be the HIerophant or a Saint.


Ohhh, this one can be tricky!

To start with, you need to have high Ancient History and the True Life of Abraxas book. You need to read all of its parts to learn about one special project.

If you remember from the first chapter, there was a spectre in the library. The book describes it and how one can become a spectre. You need to have high Rot by the end of the game. When your character becomes ill, you will have an option to heal yourself by becoming a spectre. That is why you need very high Negation. After you become one, Abraxas will come and ask you if you want to become the next god in this Kingdom. Do not be shy and tell him that yes, you want to be one. I am not sure if you need high Charisma here, but in my case he just agreed to give his place to me. And then I got the achievement.


Ah, I have completely forgotten about the Miracle part! You are absolutely right, it is very important to believe in the voice and try to perform the task it gives you. But you can actually follow this order until the end while some cleric/Sam will heal you from this vision and bring you back to bed no matter what. Then goes the talk with the HIerophant.

Thank you for adding this vital fact! ^^

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These two questions sort of come from the same path. @Luidmila already posted one possible way, especially if you go the Church path.

However, you can buy the Specter book later on if you didn’t get it from the library in the first chapter. This occurs in the last screen where you can buy things. You will need 1000 gold for it and buy from the bookstore: Athanasia Experimenta (“The Immortality Experiment”; 1000 gold).

Also, I found this route somewhat easier to go if I went the Dark Sun path, and the palace gets destroyed while you are there. This unleashes enough Negative energy to become a spectre. If you have the stats, and book, then you go to the spectre screen.

There should then be a variety of choices to make such as reading books forever, or become a God. Choosing the God one gets the “Play God Achievement”

The Pantheon Achievement is as @Luidmila stated, you will then meet Abraxas. However, I don’t think he will join if you have a low Church relationship (I’ve had him reject me, and I think it was this reason).