Choice of Magics: Achievements


Ok so I’m stuck how do I get See you in hell, unusual ally and signed noodles?


Signed Noodles was already described above in answer to Luidmila. Just scroll through the above text for it.

Unusual Ally requires you to get the Murder Golem on your side. To do this, you must first get the regular golem from the ruins in the first chapter to join you. This will give you the command codes, and knowledge on how to get the golem in the cathedral.

See You in Hell happens if you fight and kill the Murder Golem in the cathedral instead of running or controlling it. You could try to bring a large party with you (Tal, Cos and Vera) if you choose the ‘Fight’ Option. If you are good with Negate magic, that can also override its protection.


How do i get a fateshaper in chapter 3?


As before, there may be other ways to do this, but this is what I did.

This is sort of a multi-step thing. You need to make sure you have luxgladiuses for you and Tal in the first chapter. You will also need the Alchemy set from the first chapter as well. To do that, the following steps worked for me.

  1. Very first choice of the game: Heal Tal’s leg so we can keep running to the ancient dueling ground ahead where we can make our stand.

  2. You will then get an option to Glamour or Negate the inquisitor; choose either one since this will also give Tal the luxgladius she needs.

  3. Later on, you get choices on what to divine for in the ruins. You should try and get the golem by choosing: Is there a potential ally here in these ruins?

  4. Either recruit the golem next, or if you destroy it, you get a floating tray. Either one will get you the Alchemy set you need.

  5. The next luxgladius is in the Lab. You can get this one of two ways.

    a. If you go to the arena/auditorium first, and the lab second, Befriend the Specter with Glamour magic. You will help it with its math, and it will give you the second luxgladius.

    b. If you go to the lab first, you need to choose first: Let’s part the barrier. Then either Cast a Glamour on the specter (the next screen), or Divine, then Negate the Light Curtain freeing it…and it will give you a bunch of stuff, which includes the second luxgladius.

  6. The final step has to wait until the Inquisitors come to town. Don’t make your presence known to them, and then you get an option to go to Blessed Sam’s sermon. Afterward, he is with the sick people…there is a woman in the crowd, and if you convince her to come back to your home, you can heal her with your Alchemy set. She will seek to repay you; some of it is gold, another is with a luxgladius. However, since you and Tal already have one, she gives you the Fateshaper.


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Thank you. However i didnt find a sword of light in the lab. Was I doin somethin wrong?Like after I freed him, the spirit just zooms away.


You are correct. I did remember somewhat incorrectly; letting him free doesn’t get it (though it does have other benefits such as the specter rescuing you from the cathedral)

However, you can still get it from the laboratory directly. This comes from a quick playthrough:
If you go to the lab first:

  1. Let’s part the barrier.
  2. Cast a glamor and try to befriend the specter.
    3 This will allow you to pick one of three things:
    I choose the luxgladius.
    I choose the magic-augmenting torc.
    I choose the bracers that partially “aetherize.”.

I think I have better luck going to one of the side things first, then the lab, but the above is a direct route to make sure you get the second luxgladius.


I have almost every single achievement except Saint Marie, Hierophant Twimsby, and Call of the Wild.

I’ve tried telling Blessed Sam and Blessed Jacob about Marie (after teaching her magic) with an anti-divination ring on, and I’ve gotten a message saying Marie probably was taken to the Church, but I can’t find her once I’m in there.

I figure for Hierophant Twimsby, the current Hierophant has to die, but I’ve never achieved this. I think this might be a bug, because I have gotten messages where I’ve hit her with a negation bolt and the text says I killed her, but then later in the game she’s still alive. I tried taking Vera/Vance along after getting their wand of negation from the mimic chest but they just killed everyone there (making… Aden the Blessed Advisor or Hierophant? I don’t remember.).

Whenever I try to turn into an animal permanently after going down the high-Glamor route and ending up on my deathbed, I can’t turn into an animal because it says there isn’t enough vivomancy around (even if I make vivomancy-enhanced beasts).

Could someone help me with these? These are my last three achievements!

Edit: I’ve been playing Choice of Magics on the Google Play app, if that makes a difference.


Correct, the first Hierophant must die for Twimsby to be elevated. Killing her with a negation bolt works on the Steam version, so I think this may be a bug in the Google Play version you have.

You might get it to work if you just stab her with your luxgladius/sword (this works on the Steam version, but if there is a bug on the Google App, then it might not happen).

This one should be a little easier. You are correct that you need to go the route of making the monsters for the kingdom’s defense. First, you need to have a pet by your side; I used the one I created by vivomancy, though it might work with one you purchase from a pet store. Note: This didn’t work with just a pet dragon. Second, you also need to keep Twimsby alive; this will work whether he is saint or hierophant. He is the one who will bring your pet by your bedside…and with the creating monsters above, should garner you the achievement.

It’s good that you taught her magic, and you tell the Blessed about her after being captured. Tal/Cos should be able to rescue you.

I think you need to bypass the encounter with the Murder-Golem after the above. You should get a screen of 3/4 choices of what to do (it varies whether Vera/Vance is with you)

  1. Let’s go in! I’m not afraid of whatever’s in there.
  2. Let Vera cast a divination to look for another path.
    3… I’ll cast a divination to look for another path.
  3. Let’s just sneak around and look for secret passages.

For this case, I pick the I’ll cast a divination (option 3). This should allow you to bypass the Golem, and you enter another “Heaven”. From here, there are another variety of choices, but pick the following:
Enter the door with the frieze depicting books.

Marie shows up in my playthroughs doing this. Note other paths will work, I’m just going with the quick play I did this morning.


Thank you very much! I’ll try these out.


Anyone knows how to get the “Little Apprentice” Achievement?


It is very easy; you have to either have a child or adopt one. Not all of the romance options want kids; Vera/Vance is out of the question here. For that matter, I didn’t get the option with Thecla.

However, playing as a female, and in a relationship with Tal, I was able to adopt a kid.


I’ve tried everything yet i couldn’t get the Sky City achievement. Should i heal the sky or not?


The sky city is above the clouds - an escape from the world beneath them.