Choice of magics endings [spoilers]

This is the guide/conversation on the many endings of choice of magics. Here you can post any endings to choice of magics and if you choose, info on how to get them


I have recieved 5 oops, song of the caves, incredible prison, burned at the stake, bombed in cell, turned into dragon, turned into dragon with queen, and hated ruler

I connected everyone using divination magic so there was world peace by listening to the voice and survived the rot and made into the leader of the church when the previous leader gave me her hat.


I got many ending .

Let see , last night I finally got the ‘Tortoise revenge’ but I end up dead…cose…I sold my dragon eggs lol .

I also , went trough the saint path and stopped the war before it happen . Man , that was awesome ! In the end , met Abracadabra and he made me his chosen one…like I needed that…pfffff

I also got the underground AVERNUM like ending .

I also got the ‘connect everyone with Divination’ , very Mass effect Green ending lol .

I also got the ‘clear the sky’ ending . And the 'Floating fortress ’ ending as well .

Almost forgot , took the Vivomancy (I think?) , made dragons Army !!! Then got turned into a bird…Wooooooooooooooo


okay. three endings so far, but I don’t remember their correct names.

  1. I became a hierophant and taught everyone that religion should be based on love first of all. Survived the rot.

  2. killed everyone I could, seized the whole world, then almost destroyed the world with the power of the dark sun, became immortal and begin to read everything in my own library in peace.

  3. created a city in sky. I have no idea how I did it.

but I have a question. how do I turn into a dragon?


Do vivomancy as much as you can and build beasts for the kingdom. Then Create a perfect creature. Then during the fight agaisnt it turn into it.

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Oh, okay. Thank you!

How do you get this one?

In my opinion that’s a terrible ending. Literally everything you do and think is no longer private. And it was forcefully done to everyone without their consent.

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Only got one ending so far. Became a saint and got world peace by talking people out of chopping my head off. Oddest part was Tal going off to be a puppeteer.

For turning queen into dragon do full vivomancy and create dragons. Then create ultimate creature. Then turn into ultimate creature and fight it.

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Do we get to bang as dragons if we’re romancing her?

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you should try and report back…for science :kissing_smiling_eyes: unless I beat you to it that is :rofl:

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I’ll be first…


Is there a walkthrough somewhere yet? I keep getting the dying of root ending :disappointed_relieved:

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Did you mean rot?You just need alchemy set,ingredient of both negation and glamor.Then you can cure it

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How can I win the war! I’ve yet to survive thought any play through :joy:

1. Made the world unstable and destroyed the entire city making everyone a spectre.
2. Was executed during my attempted diplomatic mission.
3. Became the God after nearly dying of rot ended up fixing the sky but made me blind.
4. All my creatures rebelled and turned me into a bird :grimacing:

  1. you need high empathy/humor/optimism. when captured by Magisters (you need to go to them willingly), talk with man in a cell, be kind to him. when they open the door, let him make an escape. when they try to kill you or hang you, be gentle, smile to child. then this man will came and rescue you. you will make peace with them.

  2. you need high calculation for this. go to Magisters, talk to them ,when they declare war you need this stat to lure them in. after that, I just blasted them with most powerful negation magic and obliterated their army. they will surrender. after that you can conquer the whole world (but if you used negation magic many times, your world probably will explode. you need project to save the world, Vera can help you with that)

that’s how i did it anyway.

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Tal is a ***** *****

We get along well. We have adventurers together. We kiss. We get engaged. And what does she do???

She introduces my neck to a knife. Just because I was in danger of creating a bit of negative clouds. I was this close to winning the war!


Yes I could have stopped her, but we were engaged! Apparently this didn’t matter to her when she severed my jugular vein!


Although I’ll note that the cures in that choice don’t get you the endings associated with the Glamor climax - it just bounces you into a different situation. They were a late addition because some players complained that they should have reasonable options to avoid dying of rot. Well, fair enough, but the chapter’s called “faith,” so for best results, just hang in there, preferably after becoming friends with the Church.

So what would happen if I didn’t keep a good relationship with the church?(which happened…every time)

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