Choice of magics endings [spoilers]


If you don’t cure yourself but also are not on good terms with the Church, you can still go out with a bang and achieve something really big if you have faith in the voice - or possibly faith in yourself.


Tal assassinating would-be Sith filed under “working as intended”


Every time I try to follow the voice and save the world Sam just shows up and says “you’re having delusions dummy”.
Do I need to kill him or something so he doesn’t stop me?


I just ignored Sam and rushed past him in my play though.


yeah pretty much what @Boodini said , you get 3 choices and 2 of them are just run past him .

well the 1st choice is yelling : Jeebus is real!

the 2nd is : Gettoutofmahway baka!

and the 3rd…dun dun dun…find out what happen :stuck_out_tongue:


I always ended up dead many times in this game! no matter what magic i specialize in and no matter how good the previous choices were. at the end, death is still the result. it’s so frustrating.


It is weird like I don’t die anymore. If you look in the other thread you will see tons of different ways of not dying.


Really? I have never died.
Okay, let me write to you how the game goes on in general, maybe it will help you.

1. entry level. Use the glamor on the Inquisitor, send him somewhere or kill him (lower the Tal relationship). in the kitchen I recommend animate with vivomancy tray. Thus, you can carry all the dragon’s eggs.
2. choosing the way to the arena, to the laboratory or to the audience, take what you need. inside there will be harpies (glamor and they will give you a divination ball), spiders (divination, glamor - two rings), immortal (weapons, armlets and something else (divination and glamor).
3. Choosing what to find, look for the most valuable thing in this place. around the dragon nest, use vivomancy, on wings go up to the nest, take the eggs, build a ladder (automation)
4. the city. there will be a cloud - if you are not sure of your strength, just hide. after this will be celebration - you can dance with Tal, talk with the mayor, do not remember his name. agree to hunt with Tal (this requires a high stat of relationship with her), ask for 200 gold. go hunting. I recommend using automation - kick the beast out of the nest, and get your own gold mine.
5. either people with torches or inquisitors will come. for the inquisitor do not react to them - the mayor will distract them. you can go to their sermon (then you can establish some relationship with Sam), you can sit at home (rise Calculation and Caution). depending on your decision, they can imprison the mayor or in the next morning someone will come from to you. one way or another, you will go to the capital.
6. In the capital you must go to jail. open with automation the lock, release the mayor, send them with Tal to freedom, stay to explore the dungeon. free Vera, continue the study, DO NOT go into the room with the eye, do NOT pray if you want a good relationship with Vera. ask 1000 per year for her education.
7. When you come down to the hierophant, ask questions. if you decide to escape, then, again, look at the stats. I use vivimation, and then glamor.
7a. if you do not run away, then you will become a saint, Vera will die (uh, yeah. after that, you will never even talk about her, which is… uhhh, well. weird.). this path is safer. most importantly, follow the level of approval of the Church, but do not be afraid of a little bit of heretics. I stole the book on negation, advised parents shapeshifter not to blame the girl, and when the crowd decided to burn me - just convinced them with my natural charisma.
7b. if you escape, then return to the city. there you can help your village - either create your own farming, or your own creature, or build a plant of your choice. look at what you need to improve.
8. Call to the capital
8a. if you are a saint, you will become a blessed counselor. from this moment the Church is not particularly dangerous for you, but watch the level of rot. try not to use glamor anymore. do not necessarily abandon magic, the queen wants you to be effective, not religious.
8b. if you were hiding, then queen’s spy will contact you. if not, you will be given invitation to the court.
9. The least impact on the kingdom will have created monsters - they should work in place of people. in all other options, everything can end badly. rally the kingdom and queen with the help of divination. in the intrigues of the yard, use either glamor (if you do not have a very high rate, otherwise get sick), or set them apart (if high calculation).
10. In the end, the kingdom will be attacked. win the battle against the ship using automation. go to the negotiations.
11. Sometimes it is possible to conclude a peace, sometimes not, I do not know the exact parameters.
11a. if you are in prison, talk to a man, be kind to him, release him first. he will come to your rescue in the execution.
11b. return to the kingdom and prepare for battle. depending on the stats, decide what will be more appropriate. if you have a high negation, then I recommend luring the army in, and then burn them with a powerful spell.
12. Here the consequences of your actions will appear. either you start to die because of illness, or the dark sun will cause a cataclysm, or plants will throw out too much dirt, there will be no balance. I recommend to consult with the stats, it is very important and there is no ultimatum solution.
13. Depending on your choice, get your ending.

p.s. if you can’t beat the game, view the game code, it’s worth it.


Thanks so much for this! Most of my choices differ from yours. Perhaps that’s the reason i get death as an ending always. Really appreciate this. Many thanks!


There are three main places in this game where people have a pretty good chance of dying. Here are some tips to avoid dying in these places.

  1. The “Hell room” in the Cathedral. If you’re worried about it, you don’t have to go in. There’s also a surefire way to avoid dying regardless of stats, and it’s possible to win if you have enough magic or fighting.
  2. The assassins, after you become a court wizard. Each possible assassin actually has a weak point in magic. If you fail repeatedly, consider trying something you don’t think you’re good in.
  3. The endgame. Often the options there will give some clues as to which are more or less achievable; if you have modest ambitions, you have a better chance of not dying. It’s also a good idea to go into the endgame with at least one magic you’re very good at, and at least one magic that is a backup in case the first doesn’t apply.

A walkthrough that says “go here do this” for the whole game will tend to make you miss out on all the different ways you could instead go there and do that. There is not one right path through this game, far from it - and there are in fact very few places you can actually die before the climax. But point #2 above is often a sticking point because people try the things they think they’re good at, then give up.


Many Thanks Sir! This will certainly help a lot! Thanks for your encouragement! With this i will keep on playing the game! I won’t give up!


I feel like I got a quite satisfying yet a bit weird and creepy ending.

The ending

You and Cos flew up to a star and agreed that more experiments would need to be done to understand them

At first, it feels quite romantic and all that. But then, I realized that, instead of the scientifically accurate ‘giant balls of gas’, we found a magic orb instead. (Not to mention the fact that we reached the stars with freaking wings!)

So, I’m wondering that whether if the main characters are still in a barrier or an underground cave or some sort. The sun and skies are just fake, artificial objects. Or, maybe I’m just being paranoid. Maybe this is just how this world works.


Thanks so much for your advice again!
This time I was able to finish the game without dying! FINALLY!
I was able to marry the queen and prevent the magisterians from attacking our kingdom.
Many many thanks!!!


Quick thing, are there any polyromantic endings?


The kingdom got taken over by a turtle


Ancient Stars: destroyed Magisterian fleet with negative energy cannons, destabilised the dark sun, palace engulfed in negative energy, Thelca and Sam killed, healed the dark sun and cleared the sky with negative energy. Watching ancient constellations with wife Vera


No, you can only pursue multiple romances up until a fateful date in the capital where somebody forces you to choose. It’s mostly a combinatorial problem of 30-100 endings x 2^5 possible romance combos = hell no. Although, in real life I know of multiple poly situations that didn’t work out and only one (very tangentially) that has, so “write what you know” and all that.


Makes sense. We must all acknowledge that even the Great Golden God of Technology, just as all the other creator gods, must bow to the laws of the universe.

As to the second thing, yeah, it’s a tough needle to thread. I’m relatively active in the BDSM lifestyle, so I’ve known several people who’ve had happy casual poly relationships, but only one (I have no idea what the official term is, but they refer to themselves as a) triple that has made a serious relationship work.


Right. I have a clear idea of what early-stage poly relationships look like, I could find out what a married trio looks like if I interviewed the people I kind of vaguely know, and I have no idea what a successful long-term six-way relationship looks like except from reading an essay once profiling such a relationship that suggested this only works for people with a very specific mindset; but the essay wasn’t by someone in that community, so who knows.

The game and story context is kind of important too – the last thing I want is for my characters to be treated as just random collectibles. Allowing romance of all the characters simultaneously sets up an expectation that this is what “winning” looks like, because that’s how video games tend to function. But I think the story just works better if it can linger on one romance in the end; there’s a “do one thing” principle called “staging” that I try to abide by where I try not to have too much happening at once, so that the player and I agree on where their attention should be. Managing that with multiple characters is very tricky, because the natural way to handle multiple characters in a situation is to have them all chime in, in which case, none of them is the focus; I only do that if none of them is supposed to be the focus of the scene, but they’re directing attention at something else entirely. It’s related to the exponential blowup problem: to give a Tal-and-Cos romance the same attention I give the Cos romance in the stargazing sort of ending, I’d really need to write it from scratch to highlight them both. It is currently very much a Cos ending if you’ve romanced Cos, and Tal would be an afterthought.

Even as it is, I feel like I give the romances not quite enough attention sometimes in the epilogue - I’m pretty sure trying to handle the exponential possibilities in a reasonable way would just result in writing five if’s not knowing who was present, and then many players will just get one to trigger, and it will happen to not be my favorite. (I’ve mentioned in other threads that while the degree of branchiness in this game was a neat experiment, I’d probably try to consolidate the endings more in future games in order to ensure they’re all done justice.)

So in short, it would take effort to approach the topic seriously, and the emphasis in this game was just elsewhere.


Yeah, I can understand that. My biggest problem as a writer is complexity addiction (and I’ve never attempted IF, only not-so-short stories). I’ll create a character whose sole purpose is a short POV chapter, or a background character who’s meant to transition the plot from one point to the next, then I overthink the character and can’t get rid of them the way I planned, and before I know it I’m trying to manage an eight person ensemble cast in a story that was only meant to focus on one protagonist.

Also, I hope I didn’t offend you, I had no intention of implying your characters were just collectibles and apologize if I seemed to do so. Also come off as complaining, I absolutely love this game.

I just got the vivomancy ending where you turn yourself, and eventually the queen into dragons. Though I have to wonder how that would play out. I told the dragons that the purpose of dragons was to serve the crown, but the crown now belongs to a dragon, so I wonder if they will insist that the queen step down as the role of dragons as they’ve been taught is to serve the ruler, not to rule. Or if this will lead to a monarchical dragonocracy in which the dragons will take the place of the nobility, permanently subjugating humanity to eternal serfdom under their draconic overlords.

Dear Abraxas, maybe we would have been better off under the giant flying turtle vivomancer.