Choice of magics endings [spoilers]


No no, I was somewhat worried I’d offended you. Thanks for your nice words.

tl;dr poly (complicated) + this game (too complicated) = way too complicated



Very much enjoying this outing.

One question. I’ve gone through it many times and I can’t seem to access the divination track endings. (I assume there must be a divination-type ending. Or am I wrong?)

How can I do so?


Hello! I’m currently new to the Choices Forum (and the games in general) and I would like to know how one romances Queen Thecla? I was able to get her once, and I can’t find get her again?? I took the Saint path and I really want to romance her but I don’t know anymore?? Please help I’ve been trying for days now ;_;


Can anyone tell me how to successfully negotiate peace with the Neighbor?


I got the turtle ending too, but I created my own pets, that became wild animals, that saved me. I felt sorry for the inquisitor turtle so I turned him human, and he turned me into a turtle. I ended up as the queens adviser.

I survived rot, conquerors, the church, and I end up as a freaking turtle. My husband dumped me.


lol Priceless ! XD

that…was…worth…it . :rofl:


I shell have to think more about what your story tortoise all.


So I got True Sun ending and clear the negative sea. Yay


I don’t remember how but it got an ending where the war didn’t occur and I didn’t put the world on the brink of being destroyed I think you misn’t specialise in a magic school you can’t have ships or negative energy cannon or war beasts


Hi, i’m sorry if i’m somewhat reviving an old thread, but how do you survive the rot without going to the saint path? i’ve always taken the middle road and i used glamor to shoo the neighbors away, but in the end the rot killed me when i refused to hear the voice and replace the hierophant. i just want to marry cos :frowning:


In the first market scene, when you have an alchemy table, there’s a tonic that you can make that defies. the choice is right above the negation power up. I think it’s 250-300 coins


gosh im going to try that, thank you!!


If the war didn’t happen, you got a climax. If you didn’t use neg, auto or vivomancy, then it was doubtless glamor.


Wow, i had a blast playing this game! I died of rot at the end, but it was very touching…
There are still some other things i wish to experience, so i have some questions:
How do i get these ingredients to survive the rot? Being a specter or a “great beast”(whatever that does) doesn’t sound very good.
Wth, is that crazy voice actually real??? I thought if i did that glamour magic i would just… I don’t know, EXPLODE!
How do i turn into a dragon?
And, how do i make my baby dragon grow(or do anything at all, she sounds like she should be useful, but in my playthrough she just existed to be cute)?
Also, if someone could detail exactly what each option of the fateshaper does, i would be deeply grateful.
Thanks in advance.


Humm maybe I used that i don’t quite remember but if it was i didn’t have rot after that so it was somewhat a grey ending you don’t have a magically powered kingdom but you remain free of any future treats


You probably cured the rot. Neutral endings only occur if you either do that or conquer the Magisterians. Otherwise, if you would avoid a climax, the Magisterians threaten the capital and you have to whip out a last-minute superweapon from Negation, Automation or Glamor.


Fateshaper stat changes:

Hierophant (glamor):
Rot +5 (rot is the bad stuff you get from using glamor, like storm for automation and burn for negation)
Glamor +4
Humor -15 / Solemnity +15
Empathy +15 / Calculation -15
Sam Relationship +10
Church Relationship +15

Black Mage (negation):
Negation +4
Kingdom Power +3
Vera/Vance Relationship +10
Optimism +10 / Caution -10
Empathy -15 / Calculation +15

Handy Fool (automation):
Storms +10 (storm is the bad stuff you get from using automation, like rot for glamor and burn for negation)
Automation +2
Negation +1
Vivomancy +1
Divination +1
Glamor +1
Cos Relationship +10
Charisma +3
Ancient History +3

Dragonrider Monkey (vivomancy):
Vivomancy +4
Tal Relationship +15
Humor +15 / Solemnity -15

Seer (divination):
Divination +4
Sam Relationship +10
Cos Relationship +10
Vera/Vance Relationship +10
Thecla Relationship +10
Tal Relationship +10
Charisma +2

Apparently they all also make it more likely for you to end up on a certain ending. However, this is just what I’ve speculated, and I haven’t found any code that backs that claim up. I need to get more familiar with how climax is chosen.

Suprised Black Mage doesn’t give the MC burn. Wonder if this is an oversight by Gold…


Yeah i had that the came menacing at the border and there was a negociation from a vessel and I used charisma plus glamor to get through it


I have to say that I was quite amused when I was in a romance with the queen, was banished due to the palace explosion, married the queen, and then lived out my days on my island. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks, that was very helpful! :heart: