Choice of Magics Demo "Did You Try"

I understand Choice of Magics might be slightly delayed, so I thought I’d post some hints to help people get the most out of the demo. Here are some things to try that can extend the life of the first chapter of Choice of Magics.

Did you try…

…all three choices for the opening choice? Each leads to a different path with its own items and worldbuilding.

…turning the Inquisitor into a tortoise? (No reason.)

…getting the golem permanently on your side? This is easier if you’ve lured it closer, then immobilized it. What would alert it to your presence? Do it right, and the golem is yours for the rest of the game.

…animating Noodles? Noodles is fun and will do stuff until the end of the chapter.

…not animating Noodles? If there’s no disaster, you get some extra time at the end to explore the academy. But be careful, because something you did earlier might have already threatened the stability of the academy.

…the three rooms, Laboratory, Arena, and Auditorium? Like the opening choice, each comes with its own worldbuilding and items.

…getting those dragon eggs in the crow’s nest? You might want one later.

I hope something there inspires a replay!


You did an awesome job in base of demo alone. My only complaint is the charisma clothing is far uglier than the sorceress sexy black dress Elvira style… Dress like my gramma is not charismatic anywhere lol


Great idea. Either way, I’m going to need to wait, so I’ll bide my time before both looking at the spoilers.


I really recommend you is a very funny game so far It remember me To Discworld


Did you try … the emerald green dress with a pendant your grandmother gave you?


Yeah, and It is stat wise charismatic but in reality is not glamorous or anything. And saying is like my grandmother well the attractive of the dress drop to hell. No girl would say oh is sexy. Remember me my grandmotherI like the pendant even if i missed a cat choice. I chose fox

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Oh, btw’s it really is coming out on Steam today says Jason WOOOOOO!


Hope is coming in Google too… I WANNA PLAY


Howabout giving the magic sword to Tal or use it yourself? Will it has different future outcome? Whatabout blasting the inquisitor or charm him? :slight_smile:

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I just keep choosing to blow everyone and anything up that I can :nerd_face: #sorrynotsorry


I am holding off on playing the demo…To me this game is a “must-buy” anyway… So I would rather start playing the full game directly instead of playing the demo and letting the wait kill me


Google seems pretty good! Most of the time google seems to release earlier althought that might be due to the time differences I’m not sure :blush:

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If it is releasing on Steam today, Google should be no problem either. Jason’s update was specific about Apple. So maybe there is no problem with Google…


Killing the Inquisitor mostly decreases Church relationship and Tal relationship, decreasing the chance of Sainthood and Tal romance/side quests and nudging the story toward a darker protagonist. There is at least one RO who thinks blasting people and swordfighting is just badass, but it’s not Tal. There is also at least one minor ending that is only enabled if you leave this Inquisitor alive. The main advantage of killing him is increasing the skill you used to do so. If Tal has the luxgladius, there are a few situations later in which she can get you out of a tight spot by using it. There are also perks for both of you being armed with them; it’s the only way to get an item called the Fateshaper early, for example.


Wasn’t there a hosted game that was supposed to come out August 3rd but it was shafted by apple too?

@kgold how do I get the baby dragon in the beginning?

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Yeah…But I think @RETowers replied to it on the “Haze under Windbrooke” thread…The game encountered a different problem unrelated to this one.


Just be careful when animating Noodles. Because animating Noodles uses Automation. Just…saying.

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You can get an egg by looking for the most valuable thing with your Divination, then flying up or sending Noodles up to the crow’s nest. It can’t hatch earlier than Chapter 3, when someone can unexpectedly prove to be a dragon enthusiast and help you. There are also easier opportunities for hatching, later than that.


Is there a way to prevent the building from collapsing?

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Do you know the consequence for each magic?

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