Choice of Magics Twitch Readthrough—Part II Sunday at 6PM(CDT): Community Vote Driven

Hey everyone, just wanted to let anyone who is interested know that I’ll be doing a Twitch readthrough of Choice of Magics later today at 6PM CDT. I thought it’d be fun to have people in the chat vote for each choice as it comes up, and see what kind of story everyone makes together. If you’re interested, here’s the stream link. Rachel told me it would be hosted on the Choice of Games stream too. If you have time, check it out!


Remember to do a delay test first.

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I tested it the other night, there’s a short delay but it’s only about 5 seconds, maybe a bit more. I’ll check it again before going live. Thanks for the tip!

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You never know what the delay might be for international viewers. In any case I’ll drop in if I’m not too tired (it’d be 1 am for me)

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Thanks for the tip! I’ll run a test poll at the start.

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It’s live for everyone who wants to join


Good job, Noah. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for everyone who joined! I’ll make a new post when I know when the next one will be. Thanks again!

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Hey everyone! Last Sunday I read through chapter 1 of Choice of Magics on Twitch, and for every choice I put a poll up in the chat so people could vote on what choice to take. First off, thanks for everyone who tuned in! I had a lot of fun and I hope you did too. I’m going to be continuing my stream on Sunday at 6PM CDT and would love for some of you to hop on! Hope to see you there!


Here’s the channel link:


It’s live! Running a quick test on the polling overlay then we’ll get started!

Having some technical difficulties, doing my best to resolve them! I’ll let you guys know when the stream is going back up!

To be honest I can barely imagine what kind of game would be less appropriate for streaming than IF like this.

We had a pretty good run last Sunday! It may not be for everyone but I thought it’d be neat to crowdsource votes for the story. Then we could see what kind of ending we’d get by following majority vote. Totally get that some people may not enjoy it, but last session went pretty well!