Live, Community Vote driven playthrough of Choice of Magics on Twitch

Hey everybody! I’m new here, but I had the idea the other day to play through Choice of Magic while streaming on Twitch, but to crowdsource each option. Would anyone here be interested in participating in something like that? I’m trying to think of the best way to do it, but it shouldn’t be that hard to set up.

I thought it could be a neat experience to see what ending we could get all together. Be happy to hear thoughts and ideas.

There’s an official twitch stream that does that (well, with Slammed! atm), though I don’t think anyone would mind more than one such thing. Just see that it does not go live when the official one does (usually around two hours from now on saturday)

Thanks for the info! I was planning to do mine on Sundays, so that shouldn’t be a problem!

Email me your twitch channel before you go, and we’ll host you. (That actually goes for anyone streaming our games on Twitch.)


Thanks a lot! What’s the best email address for that? And should I send it ahead of time since I’m planning to stream on the weekend?

Nevermind, I found your email in your profile! My other question stands. Thanks!

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