Choice of magics endings [spoilers]


is asking Sam the only way to hatch a dragon egg?


no , you can take it to the market and there is a pet Vendor . The only difference , is Sam do it for free . And the pet vendor charge you to hatch it .


Pet shop


I have a question concerning second Seer Marie divination


Where she speaks about the magic that is greater than the five schools of magic, sun magic or something and that there are three of it. Is there a way to achieve this? I have been replaying this game a few times already with a mindset of trying to learn it, but I had no success. PLS help it’s torturing me since I found out this scene! :v


Anyone know if it’s possible to find a way to get both golem and Noodles? Or visit all rooms in first chapter with just noodles?
Also has anyone has a completely successful walk in the woods w/ Cos?




Ty also (>.<)


How did you connect everyone? I have done almost every (good) ending. I can’t find this one and its the one I wanted to begin with.


I think you just have to have high divinity and listen to the voice you hear after you get sick in the end. Go outside and choose to do the miracle and choose the option to connect everyone or something like that.


Ugh, I thought it would have something to do with the great oracle in the magisterian capital (mentioned in the history book about Abraxas).

Thanks though.


Yes, that’s the normal way to get that ending, though you have to be captured first


I tried almost every option after being captured. None of them involve the great oracle. Anyway thanks. I got the ending the way you described.


You don’t actually need to divine the golem to get him. If you have high enough automaton, you can rebbind him even without the specific book(you can also create a golem later, at the city, if you decide to study automaton). Same with the dragon eggs, with enough sneak(i think the Ring of Camouflage is enough) you can sneak behind the dragon and get the eggs without divining them
Also, as getting Noodles the first time activate these bizarre corrosive things in the kitchen, i think you really can’t visit all the rooms while having him. But hey, the magic you used to animate him will wear off, and you will have other opportunities no animate him later(obviously, Tal will react differently based on if you animated noodles before or not)


There are multiple references through it throughout the game and I think it’s the theme of the game. It’s actually the three personality stats: Humor, Empathy, and Optimism. One of Abraxas’s writings (I forget which one) also mentions them by different names. So does your letter from your mom. The idea being that they have effects on people that are subtle but can seem like magic. I.e. getting out of your execution in the Magisterian Kingdom, etc. You can also find out about it from Seer Marie during some of the epilogue scenes.


Thanks, that makes sense. I just probably expected too much grandiose after everything else :stuck_out_tongue:


In my opinion its super cool how subtle it is, and can take multiple playthroughs and storylines for you to piece it all together. And its easy to miss in the midst of apocalyptic flood, erupting volcanoes of death, giant turtles leading armies of dragons and negative ghosts


I really liked the ending I got. I industrialized the kingdom with automation magic, single-handedly stopped the war and inspired the Magisterian people with nothing but friendship and hope, maintained a good relationship with Blessed Sam and the church even though I kinda killed a bunch of their inquisitors and their hell-golem. (I had a very high fighting and charisma) I mostly used Automation magic to animate things and control airships/golems but also used Glamour to get out of a few tight spots.

I died of rot, surrounded by my friends, my golem, my Dragon and snake-thing, and my wife Tal. (Whenever I went on a trip with her we just both fought things with our Luxgladiuses because ‘linear fighters quadratic wizards’ was the main hurdle in our relationship.) I couldn’t heal myself or cure the rot, so I died asking my two apprentices to try to fix the sky and telling Tal I loved her. Honestly, it was a really satisfying ending even though I died at age 30. I could have listened to the voice but even though my character started as a house of sun church member, some historical documents and realizing where the saints got their miracles caused my character to turn agnostic.


I got the one called “Tragic End: Uncertain Faith”. It felt like one of the better endings so the title may be a bit dubious?

Basically, I became a saint, got everyone to get along with shapeshifters, saved the continent by making peace with the magisters, overcame the rot with hierophant’s mitre (but chose to remain a saint) and healed the sky but in turn Abraxas made me blind. It seems like I didn’t had enough faith thus my punishment? Either way, my character was healed, surrounded by friends and beloved husband and the skies weren’t all screwed up anymore.

Even if blind, I think that’s a fairly good achievement!


Have you been able to go to all 3 locations if you got the tray, and bound the golem to me afterwards?


Nope. Activating the tray activates the chemicals in the kitchen, meaning you already condemned your options to just one room :c