Choice of magics endings [spoilers]


I keep doing vivomancy but can’t survive at the end bit with the dragon help


Got my first ending and mc became a freaking tortoise, his husband left him and his home was invaded by the Neighbors ;_;


Go vivomancy and your greatest creation will turn on you. Than you will get the chance to turn into a dragon.


Also do we get another chance to create our own creature? like other than having a whole clutch of dragon eggs…
And how would one have sufficient faith?


I finished my first time playthrough and it was awesome! Went better than I thought it would. I turned the inquisitior into a tortoise, and I you Vivomancy, and the whole tower fell. I got a dragon egg tho. Tried to romance Cos but it fell through due to distance. I romanced Sam instead. I didn’t join the church but my dragon got me free and Vance so we left. I went mostly Negation and Vecomancy, but it switched to Automation when I got a ship to fall out of the sky. I actually learned that Fran was a spy but didn’t do anything. I lived through that tho. Then everybody got sick from the spell I put on the animals to have babies faster and then I tested it on Cos and we turned the mild woods to the wild woods. I got the real sun ending and saved Sam, and we won the war.


Does anybody know how to become like a god or something?


Maybe you need to become immortal? You know, like that negation ghost


I think so


These are the choices I took to reach what I like to call a Royal “Golden” Ending, where you manage to avoid any major catastrophes and still have good relationships with just about everyone (Even the Church), while avoiding becoming a Saint. I’ve also listed the achievements I managed to trigger. I did not list choices when there was only one choice left available to progress, or when you had to give yourself or something a name.


Heal Tal’s leg so we can keep running to the ancient dueling ground ahead where we can make our stand.

I didn’t want to see her in pain.
It’s Homage, Not Infringement: Found a luxgladius. (5 points)

“Nope.” Give Tal the luxgladius but try to use glamor magic to get the inquisitor to leave peacefully. (You can keep the first luxgladius and give Tal the other one you find in the laboratory instead; but this results in a slightly lower relationship rating with Tal.)

Have him sit still so I can practice turning people into tortoises. (The extra Vivomancy boost here allows you to bind the Golem via Vivomancy.)
Slow and Steady: Turned someone into a tortoise. (5 points)

Rugged and adventurous.

I’ve been told I’m quite good-looking.


My black robes. (+Subtlety, +Negation) (The black robes will give you just enough subtlety to be able to sneak by the dragon and grab an egg.)

I’m always interested in getting compliments from ladies.

I cast a glamor. Maybe it works on cats, too.

“How Ald and Tal saved the Kingdom of Eirinia.”

Is there a potential ally here in these ruins?

It was my fault Tal lost her father.

I wanted to clean the world of the fallout the ancients left behind.

With vivomancy, I reshape the tables to entrap the golem. (Binding the golem to you permanently via the previously-listed selection of choices ensures that you can acquire the alchemy set and still explore the rest of the rooms and grab almost all the good stuff.)
Certere, Dominex: Gained a golem servant. (5 points)

Let’s head to the laboratory.

Let’s part the barrier.

Cast a divination to find out more about the specter.

Cast a glamor and try to befriend the specter.

I choose the luxgladius. (With you and Tal both carrying luxgladii, you will be able to acquire the Fateshaper for free in Chapter 3 and be able to kill just about anything.)

Take the path that leads to the auditorium.

Whatever. I start blasting spiders.

I search thoroughly, ignoring the sting of the clouds.
Lord of the Rings: Found the rings of charisma and antidivination. (5 points) (The antidivination ring is key to successfully sneaking your way through the Cathedral when rescuing Cos.)

Take the path that leads to the arena.

Let’s fight! I gather some negation energy. (The crystal ball here is useful for giving Seer Marie the opportunity to warn you and inform you about the secret room in the Cathedral later on.)

Sneak past the dragon to see what treasure it may guard. (Getting a dragon’s egg to hatch later allows you to avoid problems with the end Vivomancy encounter.)

Use automation magic to turn the central airship’s mast into a drill.

Encourage Tal to get healing from Saint Ann.

It’s filled with mementos reminding me of friends and family.


Solemnly explain that I have great power now, and things will necessarily change.

Plead with them. This is who I am. I must be a wizard.

“I know what you mean, but no promises.”

I want to sell something.

Sell my crystal ball to the fortune-teller for 250 gold.

“Yes. I’d be happy to teach you how to use it, if you keep it secret.”
A Bright Future in Magic: Taught Seer Marie real magic. (5 points)

Buy a rare old history book called Via Verita Abraxas, or “True Life of Abraxas,” for 250 gold. (You will need to raise your Ancient History stat to a total of 9 through the course of the playthrough in order to gain the most benefits from this book. A minimum Ancient History stat of 3 appears to be needed to help locate the Magisterian capital. Any higher than 9 seems to be unnecessary.)

Buy some fine clothing suitable for a noble. (100 gold.)

A dashing blue-and-gold doublet.

I think my business at the market is done.

I cast a glamor, then cry out, “Halt!”
Subtle Thief Catcher: Stopped the thief in the market without being noticed. (5 points)

Use automation to repair the town’s ancient, rusty set of giant fans. (This is probably the optimal choice as the activation of the fans combined with restoring the copper tree in the marketplace means Akriton will avoid any problems from lightning strikes and negative-energy clouds further into the story.)
Not On My Watch: Prevented the death cloud from ravaging Akriton. (5 points)

It’s great that they finally have something to celebrate.

Yes, all meat is great.

Offer to help in exchange for half Tal’s fee: 200 gold.

I excuse myself to go talk to Mayor Cos.

We once worked together replanting after a death cloud came through.

I’ll ask about the board game he designed.

“Right now works for me.”

Focus on winning fair and square. (This decreases Cos’ relationship with you a bit, but grants a critical boost to Ancient History.)
I Want to Be Ledgerman: Played Cos’s board game. (5 points)

Revive the old mine machinery with automation to drive the beast out of its lair and possibly recover some gold. (This will allow you to gain 200 extra gold periodically at certain points in the storyline up to a total of 400 gold. This is in addition to the initial 200 gold gained.)

I’d prefer to be a quiet benefactor of the town, subtly helpful.

With a glamor up, go door-to-door raising funds to restore the copper tree in the market square. (The high amount of Charisma and Glamor combined will give the best result here of extra gold left over for you to use.)

That would be my commission! I’m keeping it. (Restoring the copper tree prevents the marketplace from being devastated by a lightning strike later on due to high Automation levels.)

Accept Cos’s offer to become the secret town wizard.

The House of Sun. I strive to be better and help the weak. (I find this to be the most non-confrontational route, and still allows me to access the sick woman for the Fateshaper.)

Use divination to find out why this old man is lying for me.

Wait quietly and continue to watch.

Attend Sam’s sermon of mercy in the House of Sun.

I nod.

The Church.

Discreetly offer the sick woman an alchemical remedy. (Requires alchemy set.) (The fact that both you and Tal will have luxgladii at this point means you will acquire the Fateshaper for free early on.)
For the Mage Who Has Everything: Got a fateshaper in chapter 3. (5 points)

The Seer.

Watch events unfold through the keyhole.

Let’s slay something! (This will net you 200 extra gold, which will help with future purchases.)

“So then, why do you need to wear an eye patch?”

“If you can look like anything, why do you choose to look the way you do?”

“Have you ever pretended to be someone else?”

“What’s the best thing about being a shapeshifter?”

“Does Cos know?”

“Can you change your biological sex?”

“Could I see you shift into someone, just to see what it’s like?”

I thank Tal for sharing her secret, and tell her mine.

Yes, I wish to go shopping for books.

Beneath Our Feet. (300 gold.)

Church and State. (300 gold.)

Stories of the Saints. (300 gold.)

A History of the Neighbors. (150 gold.)

Let’s proceed to the Cathedral.

Convince the guards to let us pass with my natural charm.

“My Book of Abraxas.”

Pick the lock with automation.

Let’s all explore the Cathedral together.

“Your parents didn’t send me. I’m a mage, like you.”

“What’s your name?”

“Where did all the other mages go?”

“Why are you still here?”

“What sort of magic got you captured?”

I’ve asked enough questions. I free Vera from her bonds.
School’s Out Forever: Freed the student from the Cathedral dungeon. (5 points)

Encourage Vera to come with us as we explore the basement.

“Sure. Tell your parents I cost a thousand gold a year.”

Let’s go in! I’m not afraid of whatever’s in there.

Let’s fight the golem in melee. (The combination of you and Tal wielding luxgladii is enough to render the Murder Golem an easy fight.)
See You in Hell: Slew the executioner golem. (5 points)

Animate Noodles and have him repaint the room in a less disturbing way.
An Artistic Triumph: Got Noodles to paint Hell in the Cathedral dungeon. (5 points)
Hell and Back: Survived the Hell room of the Cathedral dungeon. (5 points)

Enter the door with the frieze depicting the Eye of Abraxas.

Send a bolt of negative energy flying his way. (Any other action seems to set off an alarm.)
Who Watches the Watcher?: Defeated the Watcher. (5 points)

Yes, I’ll grab some Watcher eyeballs while nobody’s looking. (Your subtlety here won’t be high enough to avoid taking a relationship hit with everyone, but it’s nothing to worry about. You’ll still get the stat benefits of the eyeball potion.)

Deactivate the trap with automation magic. (This appears to be the only way to progress forwards without getting anyone killed.)

Find the secret room.
The Statue: Found the secret room in the Cathedral. (5 points)

“What really happened when you left the world?”

“Do you think the Church should deceive and kill to achieve its aims?” (If you want to raid the treasure-chest room and sneak out with lots of books, you can only ask the statue two questions. Any higher and the Hierophant will catch you, preventing you from raiding the library.)

I have no more questions. I return to the adjacent library.

Wait, I never saw that treasure-chest room. I’ll go there.

Cast an automation spell to open the chest from a distance. (Tal will automatically kill the mimic for you.)

Give the wand back to Vera, since she insists it belongs to her.

Yes, let us steal all the books!



Expensive collector’s-item books.

Act like I’m supposed to be doing this.
Like a Bandit: Made off with an armful of books from the Cathedral. (5 points)
How About a Key to the City?: Freed Cos from the Cathedral. (5 points)

Use a glamor and tell my pursuers to report me as dead.

My intentions are good. They’ll eventually see that.

“There’s always time for treasure. Lead the way, Tal.”

Finish it off with my luxgladius.

Buy ingredients for a potion to improve my negation magic for 300 gold. (Requires alchemy set.)

Buy ingredients for a potion to improve my glamor for 250 gold. (Requires alchemy set.) (The ingredients you purchase for both the negation and glamor potions will be needed to craft an alchemical cure for rot later on when your Glamor gets too high.)

Visit Seer Marie, the fortune-teller.

Ask if Marie wants to learn more magic and become my apprentice.

“You seem to know ancient history as it relates to divination. Could you teach me that?”

Tell the seer it’s good to see she’s doing well, and leave.

Browse some hats.

Purchase a jaunty feathered hat for 350 gold.

Visit Fruitseller Fran to pick up some food; it’s what I came here for.

Offer Fran 50 gold in exchange for rumors about the Neighbors.

Contact the royal spymaster about the invasion, and warn Mayor Cos that Fran is a spy. (This removes Fran from being able to attack you later on when the Magisterian airship makes its appearance.)

Purchase two gold’s worth of fruit and leave.

I think my business at the market is done.
The Spy: Turned in the Magisterian spy. (5 points)

Craft a ring of charisma for Cos with automation.
Cos for Mayor: Helped Cos win reelection. (5 points)

Use automation in the foundry and other places we produce goods.
A Bright Future in Magic: Taught Seer Marie real magic. (5 points) (Oddly, this is the second time it triggered in the same playthrough.)
Historian: Deciphered all passages in the ancient history book. (5 points)

Show Vera around socially, but not romantically.

Protest that I can’t date my apprentice.

Cast a divination to find out who the mysterious leader of the Twilight Band is.

“We should go to the mayor with this information. Maybe she’ll be captured.”

No, this isn’t how I want society to go. Quietly deactivate the original foundry.

My duelist uniform. (+Charisma)

“Yes, but for the good of humanity, this must not become widely known.”

“Negation. I can destroy your enemies if you wish.”

“I want to create something really marvelous.” (This makes you appear less disruptive to Thecla.)

“I shall be your loyal subject first and foremost.” (It seems that by having a high amount of charisma and making statements that show you are not a person who causes controversy, you will be able to select a number of additional “enhancements” to your character’s title.)

We don’t need a magical power source; it’ll displace human labor and cause chaos.

Tell the queen she needs no glamor; she’s already strikingly beautiful. (Flirt.) (This is to help lock in a relationship with Thecla and avoid Tal getting involved in a relationship with Thecla as well.)

The drawbacks of glamors aren’t worth it—old-fashioned charisma must win over the people.

“No, I think the responsibility would be a heavy burden.”

The guard turned into glass, and the guard and princess retreated to the iron castle to live together forever.
The Queen’s Riddle: Correctly guessed the ending to the queen’s story. (5 points)

“I would like that very much.”

Use glamors to build bridges between the old guard and new.

“Yes, I want to save the Church. The good parts, at least.”

Animate Bear Bearson, but save Tal the embarrassment of animating Noodles.

The shapeshifter laws should be repealed! Suggest the queen and Tal meet again to discuss these issues more.

The weapons-and-armor store.

Ask to purchase a negation wand, if they have any, for 1000 gold. (Unnecessary for the playthrough, but why not? You have enough gold by this point.)

Purchase a shield, which should absorb a single negation blast, for 200 gold. (Unnecessary for this playthrough, but I’m sort of a completionist and I have gold to spare.)

I’m done here.

The pet store.

Ask the store to hatch my dragon egg for me. (Requires 300 gold, plus dragon egg.) (The presence of a baby dragon appears to be necessary to avoid an unpleasant situation in the Vivomancy encounter.)

Sure, I want all the pets! (This is more for completionist urges than any necessity; you can pick any pet you like, but I picked a dog.)


I’ll purchase a dog.

Gray fur with white accents.

No, let’s go to a different store.

The new hatmaker in town.

Purchase the peacockatrice hat.
Sweet Hat: Wore one of the milliner’s finest creations. (5 points)

The clothing store.

A dashing outfit that still allows freedom of movement for fighting. (Once again unnecessary, but it’s fun. Pick any color you like.)

The new magical-jewelry store.

The dove pendant, attuned to glamor.

I’m done shopping.

Tell the people to heed the Church: all they need is faith and love.

“Yes. Should I marry you, I’ll put the kingdom before my magic.”

“We’ll beat the Neighbors somehow. I have faith in Eirinia.”

“You’re my best friend too, you know.”

Take control of the vessel with automation magic. (I use this method to capture the airship intact, which will allow me to peacefully parley with the Magisterians.)

Cast a divination to determine whether to strike first or negotiate.

“I’ll do my best to get the Magisterians to desist, Your Majesty.”

“I’m just talented, I suppose.”

Give him a fake location for the sunken academy. (A high Charisma rating allows you to fool the High Magister.)

“Our saints and hierophant all use magic.”

“It’s all very peaceful magic. Little automation, no negation.”

“I have an apprentice.”

“Akriton’s fortune-teller knows magic now.”

“I believe the Church teaches what they think they must to keep magic out of evil hands.”
Peace in the Magisterian East: Prevented war with the Magisterians from starting. (5 points)

Find a way to calm the skies down a bit. (This allows you to avoid the Automation catastrophe.)
Definitely Honor Roll: A student project helped avert an environmental catastrophe. (5 points)

“Why did the Church save me?”

“I’d like to see Queen Thecla.”

“Could you make sure my parents in Akriton also know I’m here?”

“I’d also like to see Tal.”

“I’d also like to see Cos.”

“I’d also like to see Vera.”

“I have no more requests.”

“All right.”

“Why do you like pets so much?”

Develop a cure with my alchemy set. (Requires alchemy set and potion ingredients.)

Sure, they can benefit from my research.

Cast a divination to learn what it was.
Shell-Shocked: The tortoise came back to seek revenge. (5 points)

Embarrassed. I had no idea I was causing it such grief.

Turn the tortoise back into a human. (A high level of Vivomancy appears to be necessary by this point to keep this decision from turning you into a tortoise via magical backlash.)
This Tortoise Mercy: You were nice to the tortoise. (5 points)

Research the far-reaching glamor. (The alchemical cure for rot you developed earlier ensures that you survive this decision.)
A Complete Story: Reached the resolution of a chapter 8 climax. (5 points)
Triumph: Survived the resolution of a chapter 8 climax. (5 points)

Proud. I worked hard to ensure no disasters transpired.

Yes. Use negation to disperse the whole Sea. (Requires negation.)
Reprise: Akriton celebrated the end of the Negative Sea. (5 points)

Increase magical education so these dabblers learn the risks.

Yes. (Marry Thecla)
Iron and Glass: Married Queen Thecla. (5 points)

Writing fiction.
Professor V: Your student acquaintance started a magic academy. (5 points) (Increasing magical education seems to ensure success for your student’s career.)

A Peaceful End: Not as Easy as It Looks

End Results:


King Ald Aloson

A rugged, adventurous man with astonishing good looks wearing a dove pendant, a peacockatrice hat and a black and gold uniform fit for the most elite duelists of the capital


Ancient History: 9 (Fantastic)
Fighting: 10 (Amazing)
Subtlety: 5 (Good)
Charisma: 15 (Amazing)


Optimism 80%, Caution 20%
Humor 34%, Solemnity 66%
Empathy: 74%, Calculation 26%


Queen Thecla (married)

Tal: 93 (Great)
Cos: 65 (Great)
Sam: 73 (Great)
Vera: 78 (Great)
Thecla: 98 (Great)
Church: 56 (Good)


Kingdom Power: 2(Decent)
Adoration 79%, Vilification 21%


Gold: 1072 gold
Charisma Ring
Alchemy Set
Blue Luxgladius
Antidivination Ring
Militus Petram the Golem
History Book, True Life of Abraxas
Golem Manual
Watcher’s Crystals
Negation Wand


Seer Marie


Baby Dragon

The Dead:

The Watcher

Plot Points:

Chapter 1

You and Tal stumbled on an ancient magic academy.
You discovered a book of vivomancy, and an inquisitor chased you.
You found an ancient dueling ground.
You turned the inquisitor into a tortoise.
You explored the academy library.
A divination revealed a potential ally in the form of a golem, so you took a manual on the operation of golems from the library.
You took control of a golem.
You found a laboratory with a trapped specter.
You saw a vision of someone else becoming a specter and betraying the trapped specter.
You befriended the specter, who offered you gifts.
You went around the back way into the auditorium.
You retrieved the rings of the lead actor.
You went around the back way into the arena.
You obtained a dragon egg from the crow’s nest of an ancient airship.
The flame from the dragon’s breath threatened to consume the whole sunken academy.
You escaped the magic academy and headed for your hometown of Akriton.

Chapter 2

You flew up the coast of the Negative Sea back to Akriton.
You told your parents that you now wield great power.
You taught Seer Marie real magic.
You read in True Life of Abraxas that those who follow orders regularly are more likely to be glamored.
You learned the location of the Magisterian capital from True Life of Abraxas.
You stopped a thief who stole from Fruitseller Fran.
You averted a death cloud by restarting Akriton’s old fans.
You went to Cos’s place to play a board game.
You restarted the automated mine that was the dodecapede’s lair.
Cos and you agreed that you would secretly work for Akriton.
Though you thought you kept a low profile, you heard inquisitors are coming to town anyway.

Chapter 3

Two inquisitors came to your door: the more aggressive Blessed Jacob, and the kinder Blessed Sam.
An old man intervened, claiming you weren’t home.
You cast a divination and learned the old man was Mayor Cos, shapeshifted.
You waited until the inquisitors left.
You went to a House of Sun service, led by Blessed Sam.
In the middle, your vivomancy disguise wore off, but Blessed Sam did not take any action to pursue you.
A healed noblewoman decided to give you the gift of a luxgladius.
Seeing you had no need of a luxgladius, the woman gave you a fateshaper instead.
You set the fateshaper to the Seer setting.
The second time the inquisitors came to your door, Cos tried to intervene as himself, but the inquisitors knew he was a shapeshifter and caught him, threatening to take him to the capital.

Chapter 4

Tal came with you to go to Edra, capital of Eirinia.
Tal told you that she’s a shapeshifter.
You learned that an item called the Great Oracle lies in the Magisterian palace, and that it could be used to join all minds into one.
You sneaked into the Cathedral basement.
You found Cos in his cell.
You decided to continue exploring the Cathedral, instead of leaving immediately.
You found a university student held in the Cathedral dungeon—the last mage left there.
You freed the student, whose name was Vera.
You invited Vera to explore the Cathedral dungeon with you.
You entered a room where mages are executed by a murderous golem.
You defeated the executioner golem in combat.
You found a room that looked similar to a vision of a pleasant afterlife.
You found a room full of divination crystals monitored by the many-eyed Watcher.
You killed the Watcher.
You found the Cathedral’s library.
You found an old statue of Abraxas that promised to answer questions about the Church.
You learned some designs that may help scour the sky from True Life of Abraxas.
You found that the Church’s magical-item repository was in fact just a monster that ate magical items.
Inquisitors and Church guards pursued you out of the capital.
You escaped the Cathedral and headed home.

Chapter 5

You glamored the guards pursuing you and told them to report that you were dead.
You headed back to Akriton.
You visited an artifact seller in the market who sold a variety of rare items, including something called a fateshaper.
You read in True Life of Abraxas that Abraxas became an immortal specter, and that you might become one yourself given enough negative energy.
You met a hat seller and bought a hat.
You wrote a letter to the queen warning her of a potential invasion by the Neighbors.
You helped Cos win reelection as mayor.
You taught Vera and Seer Marie side by side as apprentices.
Vera tried to glamor you.
Under the glamor, you explained that a relationship between you would be like one of you having a glamor up the whole time, and Vera finally understood.
Tal’s house was marked for destruction by the Twilight Band, a group of shapeshifter haters.
You told Mayor Cos that the head of the Twilight Band was Banker Sara, and he had her arrested.
You added automation to Akriton’s foundry, making goods cheaper.
But then you changed your mind and deactivated it.
In response to your letter, the queen offered you a position as an advisor, which you accepted.

Chapter 6

You returned to the capital, summoned by the queen for an interview.
You became the official court wizard for the queen.
You moved into the royal palace.
Spymaster Dol reported that the Neighbors’ airships were spotted near the Negative Sea, confirming your earlier fears.
The queen asked you to determine in what ways the kingdom should adopt magic to stay competitive with the Magisterians.
Blessed Sam became Blessed Advisor Sam when you arrived at court.
You decided the kingdom did not need a magical source of power; the hard work of the people would be enough.
You flirted with the queen, and she reciprocated.
You told the queen glamors were not worth the health risks.
Over dinner, the queen told a story of a glass princess, and you correctly guessed that the hero turned to glass as well and lived happily ever after with the princess.
You began a romance with the queen.
Over dinner with Tal and the queen, you learned of the queen’s childhood stuffed animal, Bear Bearson.
You animated Bear Bearson, and he defeated Royal Guard Tam in combat, delighting the queen.
You encountered the milliner you met earlier, selling hats in the capital.
You chose not to augment the entertainment industry with magic.
While you were visiting your mother, a Magisterian airship attacked.
Your mother’s house was destroyed by a Magisterian bombardment.
You told the queen you would try to negotiate for peace.

Chapter 7

You were brought before the high magister, who interviewed you in front of the Magisterian Senate.
You gave the high magister a fake location for the sunken academy where you learned magic.
You nearly lost consciousness on the trip home, thanks to rot.
You convinced the Magisterian Senate to opt for peace.
You developed an invention that calms the skies.
An attack of rot left you bedridden for a month.

Chapter 8

Rot finally began to kill you, and you were taken to the Cathedral.
You asked to see Queen Thecla.
You asked that your parents be invited to visit you.
You asked that Tal be invited to visit you.
You asked that Cos be invited to visit you.
You asked that Vera be invited to visit you.
Saint Twimsby paid you a visit.
He brought your pets.
You developed a cure for rot.
In the Mild Woods, you encountered a giant tortoise demanding revenge.
The tortoise was the inquisitor you encountered back in the sunken academy.
Your adversary used vivomancy to cause the vines around you to ensnare you.
Your baby dragon saved you from the vines.
You took pity on the giant tortoise and tried to turn it back into a human.

Chapter 9

You married Thecla and thereby became royalty.
Tal helped Cos run Akriton.
Tal and Cos married.
Cos continued to be mayor and to develop his board game about Akriton.
Vera and Seer Marie married.
Vera opened up a school for mages.
Your dragon and Sam’s dragon Thomas seem to have chosen each other as mates.
You lectured in the university about how to avoid magical catastrophes.


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Though yeah, seems you need to do that per paragraph too Dx sorry

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I think it’s all squared away now. Thanks again!


I don’t mean to bother you but I was following your guide out of curiosity (more Choice of Magics is never a bad thing) and I’ve hit a snag. I got up to the part where the giant tortoise was supposed to show up according to the guide and instead the Neighbours launched a surprise attack and obliterated me. At first I thought it was a dream sequence and just picked randomly but the game continued into the conquered ending so I realised I’d stuffed something up. I must have stuffed something up, do you know what mistake makes the neighbours attack you after declaring peace? I got the peace in the east achievement and everything but they still thrashed me later. Sorry again, loved the guide before that though, I saw a bunch of new stuff so thanks!


Well, there are two things you can do to make this run better… See, if you try to sell the luxgladius, it wont be sold, but it will up your sale prices, and down your buy prices. Also, if you go through the spiders first and go to the specter from the back(use glamor on him). That you can get a luxgladius AND the vivomancy-negation thingie. After that just try blasting the harpies and get a bunch of things : P


The trick is that the Neighbors will occasionally attack anyway despite your efforts at peace. If you have already accumulated enough Divination/Glamor skill, and if you have the Alchemy Set and bought the Glamor/Negation potions at Akriton’s market earlier on, then just research the far-reaching Glamor (That’s the best way to attain victory against the Neighbors), which causes the Neighbors to retreat.


Ooh, didn’t know about the luxgladius thing. I’ll have to try it out next time. And yes, the redirection to the Auditorium first appears to be actually better overall too. Thanks!


Cool thanks, I’ll give it another go with that in mind, I learn something new about this game every time I play it.


There IS one thing I haven’t been quite able to figure out. Does anyone know exactly how to get airships (To get the flying city ending and so on)?


It’s easy. Just get a power source.

If you want the automation endings, build high automation.