Choice of Romance - Highest Stats Possible

Hello! I’m new to the forum and fairly new to the game. I’ve only played about 12 times (not including games that haven’t kept going further than Episode 1) but I’ve achieved 32 of the possible 56 achievements (I think 56 is right). I was in the middle of my 13th game and decided to check the forums again and see if I could find anything on achieving higher levels on stats. I didn’t find anything that could help me in particular, so I thought, why not just ask myself?

So now to the questions.

(This contained a fair amount of SPOILERS so I blurred the whole thing, be wary if you continue.)

[spoiler]My questions lean a lot more to the Magic stat than to the other ones, but I am interested to learn how high I can get them too. The first time that I was very intrigued with how some of the answers were unavailable since I was under hypnosis.
But I then soon realised that some of the choices became available depending on the level of my Magic skill. So, with a fair few of my achievements already accomplished, I decided to make it my mission to see how high I can get the Magic skill to be and what choices become available when I do. In the latest game I finished, I got the skill up to 90% and have been replaying that route since, to see if I had missed anything that might be able to improve it.
I haven’t been able to improve on it, but it got me thinking - what if it isn’t just the Magic skill that needs to be improved in order to lock the ability to say “no” to some of Tomas’s demands? I know it’s unlikely, but it seems like a possibility to me. For instance - I was thinking that perhaps a higher Booksmart level might be able to allow you to conquer his hypnosis, or maybe it is just mere Magic.

So in short, I’m not looking for a different way to end the game - although that would be nice, I don’t think that unlocking these options would have much affect on the game’s ending. Instead, I’m more interested in seeing what the highest I can get my stats up to are, or if it won’t affect much in the game generally.[/spoiler]

Please do tell me what you know on this subject. Thanks!

(also again, I am new to the forum so if I made any mistakes, apologies in advance and please let me know so I can fix it!)

~ Akwa

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I once got it up to 97% by the end of the second book. I couldn’t tell you how I did it, though, since it’s been a while.


Hopefully someone else will know how you did it :slight_smile: congratulations btw

There is no way to resist Tomas at the dinner, no matter how high your stats are. The most you can do is avoid telling him a secret.

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Ah, thank you. I’d still be very interested to know which choices give higher stats than others, but at least now I know it won’t affect the Tomas dilemma.

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…If I remember correctly, the only way to not tell him a secret (though only if you have high magic) would be the “I don’t think I should tell you.” option, in which case he reevaluates his approach, but still does not affect the story to a great deal. Most if not all of the other options are grayed out permanently. Most likely in order to show how helpless your character really is, I suspect.


Yeah, that’s probably it. I did enjoy the concept but, I was very interested to see if it was possible to unlock any of them. Oh well xD

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