Last Wizard peace achievement

How close do the power levels of Burkk and Duroth need to be to get this achievement? I am really struggling to get this one

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I don’t know the power levels, but one thing that will really help is if you cast the Epic Charisma spell to get both people to talk. I don’t know if Epic Intelligence would be useful (to give each side what they need)

Within 20 points of each other I think. That way neither side has a big advantage and both will be okay with talking rather than war.

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Well 20 wasn’t close enough, was as low as 12 and still couldn’t get it, but this last time, I got it down to a 3% difference and that is definitely close enough. I am thinking the number is probably 10%.

BTW: Anyone know how to get the Stranger in Strange Lands ending. That one has me stumped???

Congratulations on getting the other achievement.

As for Stranger in Strange Lands, I got it, though it has been a little while, so I might be a little hazy on the details.

Basically, you need to have the Amulet that will allow you to go home. Do what research you can; when the Burkks make their final push, you will be given the choice of defending the court, or running off to use the amulet. Pick that option - You will then get chased by an Orrok which will interfere with your spellcasting.

Yeah, it’s 10, misremembered from beta testing sorry.

The Stranger ending is my favorite and made me want to write a buddy comedy with the Wizard and the Orrog trying to survive where they end up. You need to botch the spell and cross worlds with the passenger, I forget all the steps it takes but the last poster mentions a good start.

Thanks I will try those suggestions, suspected it was something to do with the amulet. Good to know I am barking up the right tree.

I manage to get them to talk but Burkk Emperor challenge me for a duel , i lost so the war continue and i slay him, if i had won the duel… there will be peace ?

You can win the duel or talk him out of it, either works if you have the stats. The king/Queen can also fight in your stead but I think only certain characters can win against certain other characters.