The Last Wizard - Saving the Royal Family and Duroth

How do you save all three members of the Royal Family and Duroth?


Protect the oldest royal. The second will be fine. Have enough healing skill to heal the King/Queen. To save Duroth have higher nation power than Burkk. If not have negotiations for peace.


Thank you so much, i was sad when Destiny died, I do feel Destiny is the most adorable between the two princess, Ada is charismatic but Destiny is way more nicer


how much do you need to heal the king?

I think you need level 2 in the healing.

How do I get higher nation power than Burkk?

Most of things you doing during game influence Nation Power of Duroth and Burkk. For example, letting royal castle burn will decrease Duroth’s power, poisoning water in Nargol will decrease Burkk’s power and so on…
During siege more or less each your choice gonna affect those two stats.

how do i save the oldest prince/princess?

Depends on your stats, avaliable magic and chosen artifact. Tell me what you have and I say if its possible and how.

2 heal,1 burn,the ring and 70 agility,70 tough,30 cerebral,40 charming

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Hm, okay. That’s kinda tricky.
First of all, you shouldn’t try to deal with fire, it’s only going to take your valuable time.

When you get to Destin/Destiny, speak to the guards first and have them get ready for a attack. Then help hold the door yourself, With that you gonna preserve all six guards.

When orrok and Shade enters you don’t have enough charisma so three of guards gonna run before fight starts, so you going to have 3 guards left.

Four guards could take on Orrok. And with your heal spell you can heal one of guards. So, heal guards and then send them to kill Orrok.
In the following scene you can use your ring to deal with the problem.


I don’t have the option to use the ring even though I have it.
Stats: Agile: 100%
Cerebral: 30%
Charming: 40%
Tough: 70%

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You don’t have option to use ring when Shade holding Destin/Destiny, threating to slit their throat?
if you mean fight with Orrok, ring can’t help you there. I told Mastermind how to kill Orok with their MC resources, but I don’t know what spells have yours, aside from the ring.

GamesMaster, do you have familiar? If you have familiar you should get different scene, since familiar going to alert you before Shade reaches Destin/Destiny.

Yes I have a goldfish

Hm. goldfish shouldn’t influence this scene. Strange.
If you reach scene where Shade holds Destin/Destiny hostage while having Ring you should be able to use it.

I suspect this could be bug. It’s more likely if you play on some other platform, since I look on ingame script of version availible on site and not sure what can cause such problem.

Its very easy to win the war

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The game not hard to begin with

The way i did it was 2 heal, staff (can use it to douse fire) and burn. I went everything for cerebral which i think was “Think of plan in the beginning” and maybe college student?, + doing assignment

Hi, I’m new in the Forum and I find myself with the same problem. I don’t know if my default playthrough will be saving the King/Queen and Destin/Destiny but I sincerely want to know how it’s possible if I tried in any way. I made what @Darakkuu_Nobelu said saying to the guards preparing themselves (I didn’t calm Destin/Destiny), helping holding the door, healing the guards but Destin/Destiny surrenders in any case. When I choose to assist the King/Queen the first time I heal them while after the heir is kidnapped and I heal them he/she woke up only for few time until he/she dies. Can you please tell me some other way to save them?