The Last Wizard - Saving the Royal Family and Duroth

Not sure if you still haven’t figure it out, but what are you character’s stats? Same choices can lead to different outcomes based on your chosen attributes, artifacts and magic.

I had 2 healing, 1 burn and the stuff

Hm, strange. If you also had the same stats as GamesMaster then you should’ve been able to save Destin/Destiny with those choices. Heir surrenders when there are no guards left alive.

Regarding King/Queen, I should clarify old post. As far as I remember, you can heal monarch from wound with heal 2, but he still going to die later from poison unless you have heal 3 to kind of revivify him after fight is over.

Ok for the King/Queen that’s clear now (I don’t want to save them now that I know) but for Destin/Destiny there isn’t something I did wrong? Maybe I didn’t use the staff

Okay, let’s see. Can you copy here your exact full stats - Magic skills(if you changed from Burn 1, Heal 2), Agile, Celebral, Charming, Tough and what items/familiars you have with you(if any).

Heal 2, Burn 1, Agile 50 %, Cerebral 70%, Charming 50%, Tough 40% and the Staff

That’s… tough call. I’m afraid you can’t win this particular fight with such stats. Comparing to GamesMaster you lack toughness so you can’t help to hold the door effectively, which lead you to lose one more guard at the beginning.
I have few alternatives for you:

  1. If instead of Burn you’ll have strengh spell, then you will be able to held the door even with your current toughness(and then you can follow same pattern as I adviced to GamesMaster).
  2. Another option is to exchange Burn for Charisma spell, then you can inspire soldiers before battle with Orrock and, again, prevent their early demise.
  3. If you go for Heal 3, then you will be able to heal two soldiers instead of one. Then you’ll have enough of them to take down Orrock.

Important points for this fight; At the beginning you have 6 soldiers with Destin/Destiny, and 4 or more can kill Orrock if you help them survive/heal fallen.

Or if you want to deal with Orrock yourself, then I recommend either Burn 2, Mend 3(on knife), or to have Agility spell and Agile stat over 65%(exactly 65 will be okay too).
P.S. With your staff you can deal with fire without losing any time.

P.S.S. On the last option you NEED both high Agile stat and Agility spell to keep up with monster, only one of them won’t do.

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I succeeded, Destin/Destiny is save (I replaced Burn with Charisma). Now I want to do one last question just for curiosity: to choose who I want to rule between Adam/Ada and Destin/Destiny do I need charisma or I can choose whoever I want without needing any points?

There are multiple variables before coronation that determines this, and it depends on whom you interacted with first. I guess hardest options are peacefull resolutions… To make Adam/Ada ruler without conflict you need to encounter Destin/Destiny and to suggest abdication. To help Destin/Destiny to become a ruler AND mend their relationships with sibling you need to encounter Adam/Ada and suggest to avoid civil war. Also, for such peacefull resolution it’s important to not mention their dark secrets before a king when given opportunity.

Thank you, you have been very helpful. If I have other doubts about the book I will open another topic