The Last Wizard - Defeat Caelin

How do you defeat Caelin to save your friend from the emperor Burkk?

Please help me :(((((

  1. Invisible ring

  2. With the “Thief character” 's help

  3. Storm stuff if my memory says me correctly

  4. Other choice with stats check or spells that now I don’t remember

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You mean, I need an Invisible Ring (or Storm Stuff) and bring Revin for battle?

Wait a minute… Do you mean defeat him/her at the hideout or during the final battle?

Anyway… No, it’s a single factor (spell, stat or other) in any case

There are many ways to go about it. My go to is to use the cloak of flying and talk to her. I agree to the plan to kill the current emperor/empress. When she does, I take the amulet of planewalking and tell Shade what Caelin has done. The hostage will usually take the opportunity to run to you during the confusion.

Or you could just betray her and tell the emperor/empress about the plan. They will let the hostage go.