Lost Heir 3: Anyone know how to acheive the Hero ending?

Anyone know how to acheive the Hero ending? Because I keep getting the Puppet ending.

U have to have enough will to oppose the control , that will help you to fight the control off and go for other endings​

you need to keep your humanity above 0, defeat the final boss and don’t let zusask take you out with him.

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Oh I think I went wrong sorry …:mask::frowning::flushed:

How do I defeat the final boss?

You keep above 0 humanity and try not to die against kgirr

it depends on what kind of weapons you’ve been using. If you’ve got 100 blades use choices related to swords same thing with magic or anything else. Do you have specific choices that are giving you trouble?

Allow yourself to be summoned every time someone summons you. If you try to attack K’girr instead you will lose. Also don’t talk with zusak and instead allow yourself to be summoned before his invisible demon kills your summoner.
Other than that just pass the skill checks and don’t get to 0 humanity/health

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I don’t know the choices that will enable me to defeat K’Girr.

My character is a Dragon Knight

Post here your stat screen.

Squire: Level 2
Sage: Level 1
Knight: Level 1
Dragon Rider: Level 1

Health 100%

Agility: 82%
Charm: 99%
Endurance: 73%
Perception: 62%
Strength: 95%
Willpower: 23%

Archery: 19%
Devices: 14%
Magic: 14%
Blades: 100%
Stealth: 23%
Unarmed: 9%

Arcana: 83%
Geography: 89%
History: 94%
Nature: 60%
Religion: 70%

Okay, with such stats, when you first spotted K’Girr in Demon world you can:

-Angle my sword horizontally across my body so that the demon will stab itself. (-35 K’girr health to 65/100)
-Use my sword to chop the demon down like a big tree.
-Run between the demon’s feet and dodge its blows.
You won’t damage him in either case, since you don’t have special classes like rune warrior or blade master, but you will avoid unnecessary damage.
In second round in demon world use
-Ignore the pain and stab the Anchor Stone
You have enough endurance to avoid damage.
After you both transferred into mortal realm you CAN use
-Ignore the stones and charge towards K’Girr.
It will cost you 20 health, but you also damage K’girr on 35.(from 65/100 to 30/100)
-Try to trick the demon into flying into K’Girr instead.
This should both kill demon summoned by Zusak and finish off K’girr.

Mind you, it’s not The Only Way to win for you, just the one I thought of first.


How do you get the wanderer and villain achievements?

I was only able to do it twice. Once I was a town gaurd and the other time I was a cleric with 100 strength. You have to play your stats (though I never could with magic).

For villian you need to keep the demon K’girr alive instead of killing him early then in the end you get a choice of making him serve you instead of killing him. You need to be really evil to do it though (you need 100 evil). For the wanderer you need to survive but lose the war (have a win factor of less than 100 and you’ll lose)

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Thanks, to get K’girr do you need to be a demon summoner? Or just be evil

You need to be evil, 100 magic and survive while not killing him.

how to deafeat kgirr and survive?

Stay true to your compétences. Even if you think it will kill you.
In m’y playrun, I let myself fall with him because I couldn’t hurt him more. So I went to sacrifice myself by taking him in m’y fall while burning.

In the end, because I was a really good mage and because I had wings (my only real demonic transformation on purpose) I made it out alive, well and kicking.