The Lost Heir 3 ending

Is the ending of lost heir changed? I don’t want to be a demon to kill the villain…

No, you will always have to become a demon in LH3.


okay thanks a lot … :slight_smile: hope they will change it in next update

Its kinda essential.


yeah i know but there sould be an option of returning

But you return at the ending.

You return, but you will always have some changes to your body. At best, you’ll just be a little muscular.

Part of the price for beating Zusak!


The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance… and also eternal demonic corruption. :stuck_out_tongue:

And have glowing red eyes.

Yeah, but you might already have bloodshot eyes from vampirism anyway.

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Yeah… I did not finished Lost heir 3 because I was afraid of a Bad ending. I mean…I was transformer into a démon and enslaved by my Nemesis. That’s not how I wanted m’y character to finish her story.
So it’s ok. It’s not a happy end but it isn’t a bad one either, I Can go with it.

Don’t worry, it’s temporary, you can still have your happy ending.

Good… Because I had serions doubt with half of my companions dire while I was transforming and, if I’m remember well even my child had been killed (or kidnap).
With m’y character enslaved, I was seriously doubting.

Well, I will redo Amicia my gentle bard (with legacy this time) while I listen age of wonders ost.
It’s been a while.

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Eternal vigilance?

Even if we stay as a demon, without the anchor de are not immortal anymore.

I just finished child of light (once more)… I’m really a sucker for story with the return of the true heir that will drive shadow and evil away.

It may be simple, but I really like story with good vs evil.

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