The Eagle's Heir Help


Then ofc it goes through the revolutionary part.

Then I’m his mistress while he remains king.


So I have to get Napoleon to name Alec heir to end up with him? Makes sense from a dramatic perspective (“How can he choose between obligation and love?”) but you’d think Citizen Alex would be able to marry as he chose. :smirk:


How do I truly romance Cassius, rather than just sleeping with him after I investigate the revolutionaries?


Anyone know how to romance Constance?


How do I win the first leg of the airship race?


Seconded. I flirted with her the first time, she rejected me, tried it again, she was okay with it, and then she never shows up after that. I made him romance Victoria-do you need to make Alexandre and Vicky elope to romance Constance?


I believe that is correct. When I successfully romanced her, Alexandre and Vicky had eloped, but I also had to talk with her during the ball to cement the relationship.


go steady first, then speed up when the second option appears (but you have to ignore Franz being in trouble). For the second round, I won with a high mechanic stat, fleeing first then continuing on into the storm and finally diving low.


Wait sorry soo…no marriage only two Alexander romance happy endings? I can’t convince him to leave w me, or date eugene Also I can’t convince Napoleon to start a republic…


Not sure about the number of ‘happy’ endings w Alex (I’ve only gotten the Republic one where he becomes Queen Victoria’s fav ambassador(?), the one where Alex runs away w u to England as Princess Consort and the one where Victoria becomes Empress of France), but persuading Napoleon to do whatever you say seems to rely on high intrigue and consistency in your political opinions. For example if u want Napoleon to declare a republic u must advice him to do so in your first audience w him and be symphathetic to the Revolutionaries’ cause in your choices.


Ahhh ty! soo even in republic scenario or republic or running away together he’s never monogamous us?


I cant seem to elope Alex and Victoria any idea how?


Ah, I haven’t tried that route yet! Because I always assumed secret engagement + getting Napoleon to announce their engagement is the way to making Victoria Queen, but so far I haven’t convinced Napoleon because England’s support for Alex is too low(?)


You should get a high affection level/(percentage) as high as 80+ % I got 87% and I managed to elope with Alexander.Flirt with him as much as you can


Wait. So you can be princess consort? As in legally marry Alex without sacrificing the throne?


How do you get an ending with julien lamarque? (ONLY) I’ve only managed to get his ending/become Julien’s lover if I become Alex’s lover as well(basically become a lover to both Alex and Julien) but I was wondering if it’s possible to get his ending only/only devote to him


Not sure about the Eugnene part but if u want to elope with Alex, get as much affection level/percentage as possible. I got to 87% and managed to elope with him. Choose all the options that increases his affection (u have to become his lover and not just his friend/brother)in other words,flirt with him as much as you can


Akjwkskk I’m sorry that was a typo. I meant run away to England w Alex and Alex marrying Victoria = Prince Consort


Oh darn. I was hoping for a way to be queen :)) if anyone has a walkthrough for this, please help otherwise I can settle for mistress


This looks like it’s the only thread for this game, which is too bad. Still, I had fun with it, and got basically everything I wanted: Alex became emperor, married Victoria, crushed the revolutionaries and Austria, and I became Eugenie’s ‘companion.’ Wish he would have given me a higher title than the Legion of Honor, but hey, Hippolyte’s still young.