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I got the same ending, but I don’t like how the PC and Eugene didn’t even marry. I don’t understand If they are having a forbidden relationship or what happened for them to become only companions.


I talked to her dad at the party, and he didn’t seem too impressed by me, so maybe that’s why?


I think her father died at the war, so there is nothing in their way.
And this is something I didn’t like in this game, Alexandre had closure in his ending, he became Emperor of France, married Victoria, win the war against Austry and had a heir to both the France and England throne, by the MC had none of that, I don’t know what he is doing after the ending and he only has an affair with Eugene, no closure at all.
I don’t understand why Alexandre had a more detailed ending then the MC.


It’s very similar to Choice of Alexandria, with your character molding Ptolemy/Alexandre as a secondary main character, which I think is an interesting approach. Still, losing control of Alexandre like you can with Ptolemy seems a lot less likely to me (no Sosibius-style competition, for one), and while he has a lot of endings he can get, your character just sort of follows along (barring the complete betrayal).

This game probably would have been stronger with Alexandre himself as the main character, but I can understand how that wouldn’t fit the ‘standard’ CoG model, and I should play through a few more times before giving a definitive opinion.


But in Choice of Alexandria you have a detailed ending for the MC, hell you can let Ptolemy Jr. die, marry his mom and be the King of Alexandria.


That’s what I’m saying. I haven’t gotten close to getting all the endings for this game, but there seem to be more permutations with dealing with Ptolemy and Alexandria than Alexandre and France. Alexandre is always your friend/lover here and your character is doing what they think is best for them, or struggling with that compared to the future of France, unlike Alexandria, where you can be far more self-absorbed.

This game knows what it wants to focus on, and if that’s at the expense of the MC, I don’t have too much of a problem with it.


I’ve been able to end up with Alex in both of my play throughs, each of which ended with France becoming a republic.

I’d played again because I wanted to romance Cassius and reconcile Alex and Franz (which you can do by having Alex take the throne and then telling him to declare a republic–weird though because Franz–or “Francis”–goes entirely unmentioned afterwards if you take this path. I also somehow got the three lovers achievement my first time playing despite only having two😂


I don’t mind the future of France being turf with Alexandre or that my character is never going to be as important as him. My problem is that the ending is bad for the MC and offers no closure.

First lets see Eugene:
If Alexandre romance Eugene, he marries her and have a child.
If the MC romance her Eugene, he is her “companion”, they don’t’ marry her and don’t have a child.
Why the discrepancy between the two? Why the Alexandre is allowed to have a happy ending, while the MC havr that poor ending?
The game doesn’t even bother to explain why they don’t marry, or if their relationship is an secret affair or is common knowledge.

And the funny thing is, if Alexandre marries Eugene and you play as an straight guy or lesbian, you have 0 options to romance.

Bite the other problem, we know nothing about the MC, we don’t know if he still only the Alexandre’s bodyguard or if he is something else.
Not only that but the game gives you 0 rewards for helping Alexandre (I don’t consider the medal a reward), the MC at the end is no better than he was at the beginning. He will a no one, without land out riches and his only purpose is to be Alexandre’s shadow.

Just compare this with Lords of Aswick:
In Lords you can support the King’s bastard bud to the throne. After you win the war, the bastard (now King) rewards you with a Barony and a seat in his Privy Coucil as the Lord High Chancellor, and you go down to the history as the Kingmaker, the one responsible to give the King his throne.

Can you see the difference? The ending gave me 0 satisfaction.
After my character worked hard to keep Alexandre alive and put him on the throne, he deserved better.


It seems like the reward is having Alexandre on the throne. You worked to make it happen, defended him from all comers, and he adapts to his role with you at his side. Specific rewards aren’t really as important as that.

The other routes are the same: your reward is the future you worked for, for Alexandre and/or France, not exactly your specific place in it. Yes, I can understand your dissatisfaction with how sparse the personal details were, but the MC’s influence can be seen in how the entire world changed, not just their job description or income.


I agree that the ending felt somewhat abrupt–I get that the point of the game was more helping Alexandre and France and the ending did definitely wrap that up, but I don’t think that means it isn’t allowed to give some satisfaction to the arc of the MC as well. My character ended it as the new captain of the airship we raced with–and I didn’t know why? I suppose my “racing success” stat was high, but I also had high mechanics and sneak. I thought I would have more options for what to do under the new Emperor, like whether I would stay on as Alexandre’s personal bodyguard, or assistant, take over my grandmother’s position as spymaster, be an inventor … the ending felt very arbitrary, and while my influence over Alexandre was felt, I didn’t feel like anything that I’d cultivated for my MC amounted to much.

And I did also notice that I didn’t end up married to Eugenie–it was sort of hinted throughout that you might not be able to be with her officially, since the MC is of a lower stature, but the text in the ending was less “due to your different lives there are obstacles to your love” and more just “it’s been five years and you guys are still just casually dating”.

Again, I get that the point of it wasn’t to develop the MC as their own character past to develop them as an agent of the future of Alexandre and France, but you still spent a whole gamebook developing them and the way their personal history went feels like an afterthought.

Well you can still romance Constance or Amalia. (Unless something in Alexandre and Eugenie’s romance locks you out of that? I haven’t played it.) It might just be that I was looking for them more, but I actually thought that (barring Alexandre) the female love interests were more varied and available than the male ones, who were both tied up with the Revolution.

I enjoyed it well enough–there were elements I didn’t like, but I thought the way gender was handled was very interestingly done and the story had some interest. Historical fiction isn’t usually my thing, and I thought the steampunk elements were sparse enough it probably could’ve gotten by without them (but then again it is text based, and a lot of steampunk is mostly aesthetic).


So I must make victoria elope with alexandre to romance constance?God it’s determined at this early?


Apparently, yes! I tried to romance her keeping the engagement secret, didn’t work. You MUST make them elope. I did, now Alexandre is prince-consort and France is a Hapsburg kingdom, but hey, at least my character ended up happy with her girlfriend!


IIRC, to Alexandre marry Eugene he needs to be Emperor, if he is Emperor you can’t romance Amália, and if he doesn’t marry Victoria you can’t romance Constance.


And how can I persuade him to elope with victoria?I tried but failed


Quick question is there anyway for Victoria and Alexandre to marry without Victoria getting disinherited?

Edit: With Alexandre becoming Emperor of the French


I haven’t been able to look at the code, but I believe that is correct. In essence, if you don’t get them to elope, you don’t get to have the additional scenes with Constance that lead to the romance. This includes her being at the ball at the end (I don’t believe she is there if Alexandrea and Victoria just get engaged).

From what I can tell from a couple of playthroughs, Alexandre and Eugenie are the only characters you get multiple chances to kick off a romance with.

To persuade Alexandre to elope, it may be high charm, or a function of your relationship with him. When I succeeded at this, my character had 25 in charm, but I told Alexandre to elope before he talked with Victoria.

I haven’t found one yet. It seems that the marriage happens before Victoria becomes Queen, so her family gives the crown to someone else instead of creating an England/France superstate.


I’m so confused I got Alexander and Victoria to elope but when I try to go to England with Alex it always talks about Franz in the end and I don’t get the Alex to be royal consort


I tried a few times,pretty sure charm won’t work.It seems to me what matters is your loyalty.
But then again,can I romance constance and make france republique?Despite relationship with Napoleon,what do I need to persuade him to declare a republique?


OK,now I romanced Constance,France became republique.But then Constance returned to Victoria’s side.God,this game is so hard…


If you convince them to marry, but tell Alexandre to not elope with her, I think it happens.