Hints on Broadway: 1849


Hey everyone was just wondering if anyone knows how to get the revolver in the game I’ve been trying for days and still can’t figure it out


I never found any revolver after playing numerous time :slight_smile:


I remember reading a while back on a form somewhere that you can get a revolver from booth somehow not sure how but seemed like it be useful at some point but thanks mate


Welcome… so far i didn’t use revolver to solve conflict , when dealing with Louisa’s mother , i call Booth to help, he did brought his revolver and handle the henchmen himself :slight_smile:


Ah maybe that"s what was in the post I just saw booth’s revolver and I guess I missed the rest in the hopes of being a theater owner who was packing heat. Thanks mate for the help


Welcome… this is actually one of my favourite title, had play it multiple times, and hoping for a sequel as the New manager of Cary sisters theater with a continuous romantic adventure with Louisa Miller :wink: She decided to stay after i propose to declare our relationship …


I could use some tips on getting the Master Showman, Backstage Pass, Allies at Last, and Spycatcher achievements.


i think you get it when you accept Cary sister invitation to the Opera house and request the manager to show you the backstage …

if you ally with your rival theater manager (forget his name) against the gangster


OK, but how does one team up with him? No matter what I do, he doesn’t like me.


I didn’t try that route, but my guess is… you can’t talk to Louisa or ask her to join you , you most likely need to talk to him when you visit his theater the first time , then support him when the press bad mouth him… finally you have to support him against Cary sister Opera house :slight_smile:


I supported him when the press bad-mouthed him. He accused me of gloating.


That won’t be enough, because this case is in the middle part of story … you need to be on his good side from the beginning , i think talking to Louisa alone will instantly make him hates you :slight_smile:


The gun is pretty well hidden! In the first chapter, when Booth is rampaging around the theatre, start to calm him down with the choice “Match his performance with my own. Two can play at that game.” He will draw a gun and you will have options of how to disarm him. It will mostly live in your drawer but it can be useful at times.


To be pals with Hamblin, you more or less have to court him from the beginning. Flatter him repeatedly and try not to compete with him.

And be careful! He is powerful and will help you but he is not quite trustworthy.


To buy out the Bowery (which is hard), you need to have a successful season in terms of money and audience, while triumphing over him or making sure he has a bad season.


Wow thanks @r_davis never would have figured that out. Now I can finally play out the role of a theater manager who packs heat when needed :slight_smile:



Really love this game… it has so much potential especially with respect to the 2nd season, where we have the chance of either expand our own theater or work for the Cary Sisters …and with Louisa decided to stay after i propose to make our relationship official in the next gala , i intend to make Loiusa the greatest star ever

Any chance you are making a sequel ? :slight_smile:


Alas, I have no plans for a sequel. I’m currently writing a historical where you solve supernatural mysteries in Anglo-Saxon England that should be a lot of fun.


I saw Anglo-saxon is in the CoG release list… fully anticipating that as well :slight_smile:

Ahh… that’s sad :stuck_out_tongue::disappointed_relieved:


Hi! I need help. I’ve been playing this game multiple times now and I still couldn’t get the woman set producer from Hamblin. What stats should I prioritize? I would really appreciate it if someone would lend a hand :slight_smile: