Sabers of Infinity need help on decision

I need help deciding the best option would be for as soon as i get my promotion for lieutenant ??
Should i stay with Cunaris and talk or rewuest his books
Or go the the practice field
Learn antari
And w.e the other choices are plesse help me i wanna know what each choice the stats give me

Stay with Cunaris and read his books= increases your Intel
Training on the practice field= increases your Solidering
Learn Antari= you speak two languages now.

Honestly every time I get this to part, I go for Intel every time.


I also believe that there is the option to socialize in the officers’ club. It increases CHA and if its high enough, you can win some money in gambling.


Is it also true that Wulfram invites you to his staff?

No, but it is implied that he does want you to be on his staff if you have a very good rep. It is unknown if he would had invited you if he survived the disaster at Blogia but it does seem somewhat likely.


When does he imply it?

Hunter implies it when you run into him again in the receiving line at Wulfram’s reception in Naringia.