Guns of Infinity Forlorn Hope

How do I get a joint command with Caz? One of my saves allow it the other ones don’t. The one with lower rep, charisma, and age allowed me to joint command. I really struggle with befriending him his sister, and to end with a high rank without that joint command.


Probably not my job to say so and its probably a mods. But this post can be put in the Guns of Infinity official thread. Where others can help including the author!

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I was so free ant put it to the ‘Hints’ section ^^


I’m new to the forum, so where exactly can I find it?

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For joint command, you would need a high relationship with Cazarosta and a high reputation. If I’m not mistaken, you’d need something arround 40. So a disgraced character likely won’t be able to take joint command. Although, if your character is disgraced and is being pulled into the Forlon Hope by the Royal Intelligence, you can tell him that you don’t have much choice in deciding whether you lead it or not. He’ll understand.

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You can have joint command as a disgraced officers, because you don’t need reputation for it, you only need 50 or more of relationship with Cazarosta.

Speaking of which, how do you go through with the Forlon Hope? What choices check which stats? I never managed to finish it without dying.

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What are your stats, including unit stats, and are you able to ask for Cazarosta’s help?

On the playthrough that I tried, I went with Caz’s help, had 64 Int and Soldiering and Charisma were in their 40s, if I’m not mistaken. Troop stats were all arround in their early fifties.

Try this:

Find safest way to the breach

(With armor) escort men through the safe lanes
(Without armor) let the men die instead

Attack the cannon gunners personally

Fall back to defensive positions

If you don’t have the armor don’t even bother doing the FH. It’ll be almost impossible to survive it with less than 50 soldiering and no armor.


I see, I’ll try it later, thanks!

Trying to find the safest way to the breach triggers the Int check?

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Hey thanks for that input although i followed that path and have 57 Soldiering, 13 Charisma, and 74 Intelligence but cant survive the breach.

Can you survive the forlorn hope in the disgraced path and without cazarosta?

You just can’t win this shit