Dishonored Import for Guns of Infinity from Sabers of Infinity


I recently tried to play a dishonored character in sabers to import into guns… but in the end he shot himself in the head. The idea is he starts as a 14 year old who is bad at (and afraid of) combat with no real martial skills to speak of, but at the end of the game he just shot himself in the head. I know a disgraced officer can pass the game, because there is a disgraced pregen, but how are you supposed to do that with your own import? Was there something I missed? Do I have to think about the gun before thinking about literally everything else first? Is there a gun specific option that doesn’t end in your death?


You need a personal stat of 70, 750+ crowns, a high relationship with either Caz or Elson or a high loyalty (70 iirc).


So, to be clear, I need just any one of those things, correct?


Yup. Only one of those things is enough.


Thanks! I just checked and my first run of this character was two points of intelligence too low. Working on the next playthrough already.


A caution on the loyalty one, though… while you actually only need 60 loyalty for it to work out, there’s a particular way you need to go about it for that to happen. You need to lead your men away in an organized fashion from the battle rather than skulking away, or else you’ll essentially have abandoned them to die and made it all irrelevant.