Lords of Infinity : Bug

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I got turned around in the different threads regarding “Lords”, I could not find one regarding bugs, and most of them appeared locked (A gray lock next to the title). In order to avoid spamming the wrong one, I decided to create a new one but if you can point me to the correct one I will promptly post there!

I believe I might have detected a bug in the game Lords of Infinity which is probably Imported from Guns of infinity.

A short description is as follows:

When importing a character that has been a Deserter in the Sabres game and a Kidnapper in the Guns game , meaning that all previous Sergeants have been killed, the game description indicates that a final one named “Campos” should be assigned. When importing this specific save to Lords, the Sergeant is changed to “none” which can occasionally be mentioned in the code as in " sergeant None does this and that " and from a bit of code diving I did, it occasionally completely skips some dialogues that have factors comparing the name of the Sergeant to specific names.

I am at your disposal for further details


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Report this to support@choiceofgames.com


Thank you! I sent one.