Hosted Games: They're copy-edited now?

So, I asked this before in the Hosted Games thread, but it was deleted without an answer. Are the Hosted Games being copy-edited by CoG now? Or is it a case of the authors telling CoG the titles are being copy-edited?

If it’s the case, it’s good it’s being done as it’ll stop games/stories being sent out in a bad state.

The reason I’m asking though is because I’m a bit surprised if they are being copy-edited by CoG now, because I imagine your hands are full with the official label games/stories, and it does make much more sense to me if authors are still required to edit the work themselves.

Hosted games are not usually being copy-edited. Guns of Infinity is an exception. I think the folks of CoG chose to take that step in preparation for that game (a fan favorite, at least on the forum) to be released on steam, possibly alongside the first part of the series. (At least, that’s what I heard on the GoI-thread a few thousand posts back)

It was not done to prevent Hosted Games to be made public while the grammar and spelling is a complete mess. That’s the responsibility of the author.


Thanks for the reply. I thought it would be odd if they were, but just wanted to double-check.

It makes sense what you say too about Guns of Infinity being an exception.

I’m pretty sure that other HG authors have splashed out for their own copyeditor, or got a volunteer copyedit. If you see reference to it on other threads, that might be what they’re talking about.


Makes sense. It was probably a daft thing to ask really, as I was literally 99% sure that Hosted Game authors still had to edit their own work, but someone else asked it in the Hosted Games release date thread, which prompted me to say I was curious too.

So, I guess if nothing else, this thread will hopefully prevent mods having to delete posts in the release thread.

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Yes pretty sure most hosted games are the responsibility of the authors to get them into a fit state for publishing. Unfortunately the reality is that although many people would love to have a professional editor screen their work (myself included) when I looked into it, it appeared that it could end up costing me multiple times what the book was likely to earn to get that done which is why you don’t always see hosted games going through that process. (From what I’ve heard people saying about how much their books have earned, if you’re lucky you might break even or earn a small amount in the first year, if unlucky, you could end up out of pocket between hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on how the book does and the rate of the editor). That’s why this forum is so wonderful, lots of nice people on here willing to help each other out with proof reading and suggestions.