Sabres of Infinity: How do you create a Disgraced Hero?

I’ve been trying to create a Disgraced hero that fled Blogia, the problem is my character seems bent on killing himself afterwards, so can anyone tell me which stat is linked to? Idealism/Cynicism? Rep? Charisma? Age?

It’s been a while since I checked, but I think Soldiering, Charisma, or Intelligence over 60 work, having a fortune of gold helps, and if you deserted with your men, then high loyalty can help you.

You can be saved by:

  1. 70 or more in any main stat.
  2. 750 or more crowns in wealth.
  3. 60 or more loyalty, as long as you didn’t leave your men to die.
  4. A very good relationship with Cazarosta or Elson.