Freedom or Security

So I’ve been playing a “Paragon” Hero. At the start of HeroFall, my stats were all under 20% (except for Revenge/Ideals and Freedom/Security). I get a little ways into HeroFall, and my Revenge/Ideals stat goes the same direction. Now I’m faced with the Freedom/Security deal. My Hero believes that there is a happy and safe balance between the two, but past experience with this game series tells me that it’s generally most beneficial to pick a side. Will I be penalized if I try to maintain balance here? Or will I be penalized for picking Freedom (which they put as the “Renegade” option) when all my other stats are more “Paragon”?

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I found neither option has a huge effect. I was a paragon Hero with a high freedom and everything still turned out okay Even arrested Inherit and Constance Freedom/Security is used for gathering allies mostly, at least that’s what I think.

Long story short, there are some endings you can’t get if you aren’t far enough to one extreme. But it’s worth experimenting with the middle road to see what happens.

I was frustrated at a couple of points because the action I tried to take wasn’t allowed, based on my stats. That’s largely how it comes into play. It’s been awhile since I played the first trilogy, but to the best of my memory it came up when I tried to slaughter the Meek and was told I didn’t prize security enough to get rid of my future enemies, that they had the freedom to make their own mistakes.

But I still got to do most of what I wanted in that play through, and knew for the next what kind of hard ass to be on which issues in order to teach the game that yes, I wanted to do that.

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I had the same problem with revenge/ideals when I tried to kill President Whoever but learned that I wasn’t angry enough. I figured that after he’d killed my love interest, I was entitled to have a bit of shift in my priorities and get a bit angrier than usual, but apparently drastic events don’t change people as much as I thought and everyone is perfectly balanced their entire lives.

But yea, like Sashira said, it’s easy enough to convince the game to let you do the things you want to on your second go around