Hero Project Endgame Question (Spoiler)

Is there a way to end the game with Infiniti Powers intact? I’ve re-started like 5 times trying to make it happen unsuccessfully. I’d appreciate any insight other players have (and I will feel appropriately stupid if I have just been re-starting too soon).

No you always lost powers if you don’t take drugs from rebelion you didn’t explote but powers willbe lost in all options

Nope! You always get hit by the gun.

Though the story itself is good, it’s linear to the point of hardly being interactive at all.

Thanks for the answer. I do have to agree with Samuel though that I think the second game pigeon-holed in a kind of unsatisfying way. I can really only hope that there’s a good explanation for why the choices didn’t seem to matter as much once the final part comes out.

Agreed. The author has been infamous for railroading in his first game - less so on the sequel, but it’s still aggravating being given fake choices when the outcome will be the same no matter what.

Originally there wasn’t a choice at all in regards to saving Jenny and getting blasted by the gun. You always tried to save her and you always got shot. I’d rather have the choice that exists in there, whether you try and save Jenny, or don’t as the case may be, than having no choice at all.

The plot needed you stripped of your powers though. I’ll assume it’s important for the next part.

There’s a certain amount of railroading needed in longer games. I think Heroes Rise 2 is definitely far better than Heroes Rise 1, that said I didn’t find Heroes Rise 1 as railroaded as some people claim. There was a fair amount of significant choices in there already. Sure there were plenty of scenes where I was railroaded too, but it’s not like it was Choice of Ninja.

It’s okay to have some railroading if it’s necessary for a sequel, but it sucks to get an illusion of a choice when there is none.

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Yeah hero1 its all illusion of choice. 2 its got one or two choices that matters.
Sadly all the improving dont matter because The **** charmaleon. And BM forced romance from first game

I was surprised by how allergic people were to Heroes Rise 1; the railroading didn’t bother me nearly as much. I just rolled with it as the trade-off for having a story as lengthy as HR1. (Not that I don’t understand and sympathize with some of the complaints about HR1; they just didn’t come anywhere close to game-wrecking for me. Nothing in HR1 annoyed me half as much as my inability to treat the “fighting-terror-by-gameshow” plot in HR2 with the flabbergasted contempt it deserved).

That unexpected reaction was one of the main things that moved me to get CoReb thoroughly vetted on the forums before release. It still won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but at least I won’t be as surprised by the things people don’t like.

@Marajade What are those two choices? Your choice of sidekick? And whether you save the reporter or not? Those both have an impact. I suppose there’s also the choice of be with Black Magic or not now.

@Samuel_H_Young Fake choices have their purpose. I think it’s preferable to have a choice there than not. It does matter to me whether I chose to try and save Jenny or not.

I agree, but about 50% or more of the choices in Heroes Rise 1 and 2 were fake, which is far too many. I don’t have a single fake choice in my gamebook.

@FairyGodfeather I already reported this i did a play with a final raport with BM 1 yes only one all mean choices no kiss insults and no romance or secret.
Second game say im his gf how much i care i know his secret thankfully he didnt kiss me at first with cameras but 99% Dialogue is same what do you feel about break with him WTF! ´0_O I GOT A FREAKING 1 LOL

Hm. I never cared how railroaded HR1 was or about the fake choices. I like having lots of choices, even if they don’t do anything - it’s good for getting into character. What bothered me was when my choices were taken away and I couldn’t pick anything other than what the game decided I could pick. HR2 very much fixed that issue. There’s lots of ways to go about the game, but it does need to have some things set on how it ends in order to make a coherent sequel.

Edit: @MaraJade
You can successfully break up with BM in the first game and they hate you for the entire second game. Until they need something from you, anyway. :frowning:

I wish the relationship stats made more of a difference (or any noticable difference really).

@Samuel_H_Young Those of us who’re just creating Hosted games have a lot more freedoms in regard to our games. Those who’re making a living from their games, and are under contract to Choice of Games, have a different set of challenges. Fake choices aren’t necessarily bad, they’re a tool that can be used to great effect when done well.

Now I will agree with what CS_Closet says in regards to having choices stolen away. In the first game you had no choice in regards to a lot of things. No choice about Jury, no choice about getting upset at your grandma, no choice about breaking up with Black Magic, or originally being with them. The list goes on.

In the second game the big no choice for me was saving Jenny from the gun. You had no choice. You would dive in front, take the blast meant for her and lose your powers. To me, while the result is the same, you lose your powers, the choice of not diving to save Jenny is important.

I think the second game was far better at not forcing choices.

@Marajade That sounds like a bug.

So do you think it was because he had a time limit?

@FairyGodfeather-I really appreciate your insights into the behind the scenes work at CoG. I agree with you that allowing the question-to jump or not to jump-be asked is important, but I was left feeling kind of pyrrhic and disappointed at the end. Given what you said about the choice being added in, I’m guessing the loss is important to Part 3 somehow and I’m sympathetic to a lack of total flexibility in a trilogy setting.

It’s weird though, I didn’t feel that the first game had as many forced choices (or maybe I just made the choices the game wanted me to so I didn’t naturally feel forced) but I think I played an updated version first which sounds like it might have fixed some of the issues people were talking about here.