The Hero Project Help? (Spoilers)


Is there any way to stay on the show without revealing Jenny’s identity?


Unfortunately not. Not ratting out your friend has a price.

What do you say to Culic when he is about to hit rebellion and you have to type the answer?


Yeah, it would’ve been nice if your and Null could’ve gone to the final battle together, but unfortunately the game railroads pretty hard on that one.

I’d like to know several things about the game:

1: Do you need superior control or superior unleash to be able to use your infini powers against the crush WITHOUT using pump? The controlled release of your infini powers option, I mean.

2: Can you successfully use your infini powers to lift the entire team 1 in the Culic mission without having to rely on The Crush’s help?

3: I managed to make both The Crush and Summit vote for me on the first eliminations, but I never figured out how to do it again. Can anyone tell me how it is done?

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Can anyone please tell me how to get 75 unleash stat? Just type the choices I need to make in order to get at least 75 unleash stat I know it’s a long typing of words but please bear with me

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