Broadsides: How to get girl?


Right so I can’t seem to find a way to get Beatrice, anyone know how?


Who’s Beatrice? From what game?


He created this thread in the “Choice of Broadsides” section so it must be related to that game. :stuck_out_tongue:
Never played it myself so I can’t help there.


Oh didn’t see that. Sorry can’t help.


Don’t remember their names but for the shy girl you have to have super-low bloodlust, for the cheery girl you need to have high likability/fighting skill (don’t remember which) and for the smart girl you need high intelligence


I read the title and my first thought was, “Is this memes? Because it looks like memes.”



And how do you lower bloodlust? You don’t get many options until you reach this fork in the road


You can’t lower it you can just keep it from going up. Most obvious example in the beginning when the sailors are injured choose to “Attend to the wounded personally–the safety of my sailors is my top concern.”


In general, you keep Bloodlust low by being nice to the enemy and to the sailors under your command. Try not to kill or give out harsh punishments whenever possible.


Your right. I lowered my bloodthirst to 25 and told her stories. I also suggest this.


Thanks should change the name lol i was curies about this post by name … Something like he to get married or something .It is just a opinion for someone’s future reference


Beatrice West (shy, low bloodlust, solicitor’s daughter), Anne Hawthorne (high intelligence, admiral’s daughter), and Susannah Musgrove (high likability, gentry).


Until reading this, I thought Beatrice (blushing English rose is best girl except French Captain) needed high likability, since my MC who married her had low bloodlust AND high likability. So I had no idea until now which stat was needed to marry Susannah, thanks.