Guns of Infinity: Forlorn Hope (Spoilers)

When you volunteer for joint command at Forlorn Hope what is the best route?


In my opinion yes because you get better relations with caz and can use his men you have a better chance at surviving too just don’t let him attack the bane trap or he will become your enemy

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How do you get through Forlorn Hope uninjured?

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Uninjured? Hmm… Tough…

If your Soldiering is <75(?) DO NOT WEAR BANEHARDENED ARMOR

Before leaving take the safest route/approach (this option is locked behind an Intelligence check).

At the beginning/near beginning when some of your soldiers get injured you can either leave them behind (Cazarosta will approve but your troops will take a morale and/or loyalty hit) or you can think of a new way (Intelligence check) to help the men be carried back.

The banetrap… it depends. If you are wearing your armor you can dislodge the seals/disarm the trap yourself (increases reputation and may be critical to later on but you will lose a number of troops). If you are not wearing armor and try to disarm the trap you will lose health. You can let Caz deal with it but he will hate you, as mentioned previously. You can let one of your men trigger the trap or you can do nothing. I would recommend disarming the trap depending on your setup.

You can later let Caz deal with the cannon/soldiers if you’re low on Soldiering and have low troops. If you deal with it by yourself up close you gain reputation (and some loyalty/morale but I don’t remember). It really depends on your setup and goals but if in doubt let Cazarosta deal with them.

For the last decision, it really depends on your stats/troops/the previous decisions in that chapter. Since you’re with Cazarosta I would say counter-attack but see what works for you.

Since we don’t know anything about your character it may be that your character isn’t suited to lead the Forlorn Hope.

I hope this information is at least somewhat helpful.


My setup is:

Soldering 51%
Charisma 60%
Intellect 69%


You should be able to survive the Forlorn Hope but I don’t think you’ll be able to make it out uninjured. You’ll most likely lose some health but don’t worry too much, you’ll be (mostly) healed afterwards by banehealers.

Good luck!


Is there a way to survive with above 45% health?

Maybe if you start from the Salt Coast (your character will get an extra 10% health). Your troop stats are also important. For example, with high loyalty you get more men who join your group.

In this thread you will find helpful information for your current and future characters. It may contain spoilers so be aware of that.

Hopefully that helps.

Good luck!

I can’t access the walkthrough. I remember there was this very thorough guide for Sabers of Infinity (can’t remember if there was one for Guns), it showed every decision and what stats you needed to pass/or fail and showed +/- for characters relations. I luckily found it last year, but I forgot to save a link, I wished I could find the guide it again,

This is a guide of SOI and here’s the achievement guide and walkthrough guide of GOI.

Yeah I seen those. But still thanks for linking them to me. Hehe I actually just found the SOI guide I was talking about. It was a textuploader guide.

How can you go through the bloody forlorn hope in the disgraced path. Also can you go through without cazarosta?

That depends on your stats, if you have or not the runegun, etc.
It is possible to do it without him, you just have to be more careful.

You can try this:
#I found the safest approach to the breach.

#I order some of my men to carry the wounded back.

#I try to disarm the trap by dislodging the baneseals. (If you have more than 50 Soldiering)
#I lead the rest of the party through the safe lanes. (if you don’t)

#I’ll go forward and personally vanquish the enemy gun crew in close fighting. (If you have the Runegun)
#I’ll rally the men and rush the gun before they reload.(if you don’t have the Runegun and have more than 50 charisma)

#We’ll have to pull back to more defensible positions immediately!