Best SOI/GOI Walkthrough for age 14


All the walkthroughs for Sabres and Guns have you starting at 18, so I’m just curious if anybody has any walkthroughs for characters that started out at 14?


There is no “best” in my research - only what you minimize in loss. Within the Walkthrough thread for the 18 year old, there are a few posts that discuss the various outcomes with 14 year olds. if you bring up that thread and use the search function, checking the box that says search this thread, it should bring you a list if you search “14”.

If I remember correctly @Estel_Edain talks about his characters often

Sabres of Infinity Walkthrough

To save Elson in the training charge, the MC needs at least 30 soldiering. Most walkthroughs have soldiering as the lowest stat, since an MC who’s friendly with Cazarosta and practices sparring can make up for having soldiering lowest (and the runegun can further boost soldiering). A 14 year-old, however, who has soldiering as his worst stat typically won’t reach 30 soldiering in time.

Saving Elson in the charge is necessary to take command of the boarding action (unless a charismatic MC stops the charge, which comes with significant penalties to reputation and relationship with Cazarosta). Saving Elson and leading the boarding action help with reputation and with the MC’s relationship with Elson (which needs a boost for Elson to listen if the MC proposes his own plan to bluff the enemy camp), so saving Elson in the charge is pretty important. There are three ways for a 14 year-old to do this:

  1. have charisma or intellect as the MC’s worst skill during training: this stat will end up pretty low (and even so, if soldiering is OK then the MC needs to train with Cazarosta or choose “I don’t need friends, I need to improve my skills” to reach 30 soldiering);
  2. have the banecast sword as a gift (which means missing out on the book and the uniform: the book ends up giving +15 intellect, and the uniform boosts charisma, which is difficult to raise);
  3. coming from the Eastern Plains (the option I picked for Sir Louis d’al Sancroix; Aetoria provides better bonuses, but it makes sense for a Cunarian to join the Royal Dragoons at a young age).

All three of these choices have downsides, compared to the standard 18 year-old Aetorian build (like my Sir Alaric). Sir Louis’s personal stats of 55/32/70 do not compare favourably to Sir Alaric’s, who finishes Guns with 51/60/70. (Sir Louis’s charisma is enough to see Garing’s plans and propose the deadbolt, but not enough to mentor Lord Renard.)

This was a detailed look at an important early challenge for a 14 year old: reach 30 soldiering to save Elson, without hurting other stats too much. Obviously there are many other challenges during both games. If there are any specific goals you have for your 14 year old character, I can offer a few suggestions on how you might achieve them. I can also give you some more details on how I developed Sir Louis, if you’re interested.

The Dragoon Saga (Sabres of Infinity, Guns of Infinity, Lords of Infinity) - General Discussion

I would love to see how you developed him!


This is too detailed, but here’s my guide for Sabres:

In the prologue, observe the men training outside and try to offer an excuse (boosting charisma is necessary to get Cazarosta to talk about himself). Louis d’al Sancroix is a 14 year old Cunarian, with books as his gift. “At your service” to Cazarosta, and ask him about himself. Be bad at soldiering, good at academics, and OK at charisma, then train with Cazarosta. Save Elson (with your high intellect, you can patch him up before the banehealers arrive). Onboard the HMS Victorious, pick up some fighting tips from the Marines. Take command of the boarding party, avoid the banefire trap, and be cautious if you want to avoid losing health (though it won’t ultimately matter since you’re healed back to 50 after the forlorn hope).

In Noringia, the choices are a question of personal preference. You could earn 5 crowns by playing Quie, but I have my idealistic young Sancroix explore the town, refuse to give any money to the enemy, and respond to Lanzerel’s advice by thinking that killing civilians might be a bitter necessity. I try to keep Sancroix’s idealism in the 60s, and ruthlessness relatively close to 50. You can save money requisitioning a horse since you don’t need Thunderer to reach 90 reputation in Sabres, but he might be useful for stud purposes in Lords. I tried different sergeants for my different playthroughs: Sancroix doesn’t have enough charisma to recognize Hernandes’s unsuitability for command, and is attracted to someone with promising ideas. Hernandes is great at discipline and might make a good brevet officer in Lords, but Lanzerel is probably a superior choice (especially since he enables obtaining the Gryphon with bar).

Managing unit stats depends on what you want to prioritize for Guns. 85+ in a unit stat at the end of Sabres converts to 40 at the beginning of Guns; 65-84 converts to 35, 45-64 converts to 30, and lower than 45 converts to 25. I try to have my unit stats average 35 at the beginning of Guns, which requires some min/maxing. Sancroix’s unit finishes Sabres with 85/47/65: you can adjust choices if you’re playing with a different sergeant or you prefer a different stat distribution. At Fort Kharan, Sancroix drills his men, benefiting from Hernandes’s unconventional ideas. It’s impossible to capture Loch with Hernandes as sergeant, so the choices in this chapter are personal preference. I have Sancroix extend the baneseal pattern; stealing the extra seals would be better from a min/max perspective, but it doesn’t fit his idealistic character.

I then do cavalry reserve duty: taking muskets with me, using my education to assume command, bluffing the Antari, recommending that Carrecort be cashiered, and keeping the runegun for myself. Skipping the patrol duty chapter is probably the best option (you have longer to train your men in Noringia without making Lefebvre into an enemy), but I like exploring different options in my different playthroughs, so I have Sancroix do patrol duty. I choose the Eastern route, threaten to go to Hunter if Lefebvre does not tell me the truth, search for the other four Grenadiers, and drag them back in chains. Sancroix does not trust the Antari, but this “King’s justice” on flimsy evidence is too much for him. On Hernandes’s recommendation, Sancroix reports Lefebvre to Hunter and is promoted to lieutenant.

Back in Noringia, Sancroix reads the Duke of Cunaris’s books. When he receives his new command, he focuses on disciplining these criminals by appointing the biggest ones as NCOs and drilling them constantly. Satisfied that his men can fight well, Sancroix rents better winter quarters for his men, and refuses to listen to an Antari farmer who may be slandering a Dragoon. When Sancroix is called to serve under Elson, he assures the captain that his supremely well-disciplined men won’t disappoint. While riding out of Noringia, one of Sancroix’s dispirited men threatens his life. Unwilling to risk discouraging his squadron by sending a substantial guard back to Noringia, Sancroix has the attacker quietly killed.

After being reintroduced to Cazarosta, Sancroix favours a plan that would destroy the Antari force. He eats with Cazarosta, sticking to small talk, and then proposes his own plan. He has Cazarosta skirmish with the enemy while Elson talks them into surrendering because of the fake banecast Sancroix’s setting up. Unwilling to face these men again in war, Sancroix has the commander held for ransom while the prisoners are executed. When the Duke of Cunaris reprimands him for this bloodshed, Sancroix apologizes to his feudal overlord, but without any oaths. Sancroix is intrigued by seeing Takaran women soldiers, but reminds himself that Takaran women have many advantages that Tierran women do not have. Sancroix is introduced at Wulfram’s reception with his decorations to a smattering of applause. He hears Hunter discussing the investments which paid off for him, and meets the Takaran envoys (though who you visit at the reception is a matter of personal preference).

If you didn’t buy Thunderer or you skipped the patrol duty chapter, tell the Duke of Wulfram that you’re confident in chances of victory when you report the Antari force (to boost reputation: you want to reach 70 here, but you could settle for 60). Sancroix visits Cazarosta and then spends the evening with Hunter and Hartigan. When approaching Blogia, remind Elson that the regiment’s task is vital. Volunteer to defend the castle with Cazarosta, and convince him of the tactical merit of joint command. Insist that Wittelbrook tell you the truth, and convince him that deserting is folly. If you skipped the patrol duty chapter but otherwise you’ve been following this guide, then you should have your men provide covering fire, since positioning your men so that they have the widest lanes of fire boosts morale (so that you can reach at least 45). Sancroix blocks the passage together with Cazarosta’s men, and sets up barricades so as to do the most damage to the Antari. When ammunition runs out, allow your men to leave: only a handful flee, and you should now have 85/47/65 unit stats. Find a way to unhorse and kill the Church Hussar, and receive a large boost to reputation, an annuity, and a knighthood for defending the castle: “Arise, Sir Louis, and find glory through battle!”


And his story continues in Guns:

When facing the Antari, choose options that rely on soldiering or intellect, and agree with Hernandes’s proposal. Tell the duke that your sergeant is working on addressing the root causes. Sir Louis has a strained relationship with his father, Baron Sanloren, is close to his mother, and has a younger brother and sister. He sends five crowns back each month, and he can wear armor on a case-by-case basis or never wear armour. He attaches himself to Lieutenant Sandoral, offers rewards to speed up reloading, and finally decides to learn Antari. While he’s receiving his assignment, Sir Louis is intrigued to hear from Garing that these cannon have percussion fuzes. He orders his men to maintain normal readiness and fires a parting volley when partisans attack. When Lady Katarina complains about your decision, don’t pick “The Antari were luring us into a trap” (this boosts your relationship with Katarina, but I want Sir Louis to stay just below 50 so that he isn’t invited to participate in the secret mission; refusing the invitation results in a significant penalty to your relationship with Katarina). Send Sandoral ahead to hold the bridge: you should be at 62 discipline and 99 strength at the end of chapter 3.

Try to bluff Lord Marcus: you’ll fail, but he likes an officer with spirit. After receiving the ransom for Lord Josef, send all your income back to your family. Sir Louis supports sainting Hunter (who purchased his promotion to lieutenant), but this may backfire in Lords. Sir Louis starts work on his memoirs, looks at Garing’s plans and invests 2000 crowns (you should be left with 48 if you bought Thunderer), and then continues work on his memoirs. I try to ensure that idealism is below 65 here, so that his memoirs aren’t too idealistic. Unit stats are high enough that you don’t need to attend to your men, and Sir Louis doesn’t have enough charisma to call a staff meeting (having Sandoral take over training gives only minor benefits, and personally taking over or having Hernandes take over hurts your lieutenants’ development). Volunteer to lead the forlorn hope with Cazarosta.

Don’t wear armour, and either re-order your men or find the safest approach to the breach. Leave the wounded behind (this hurts loyalty, but boosts your relationship with Cazarosta so that he doesn’t wear a pleasant mask when you talk to him later). Disarm the trap by dislodging the baneseal, personally defeat the enemy gun crew with your runegun, and counter-charge. (You should lose 12 strength from the forlorn hope and another 6 strength from your men fighting under Sandoral, ending up at 81 strength.) If ruthlessness is slightly above 50, you can pick that Havenport’s decision to hang men is needlessly cruel, to try to get ruthlessness below 50 (Sir Louis would support less severe punishment to restore order, like flogging). Your charisma is too low to mentor Lord Renard (unless you chose self-improvement instead of learning Antari in chapter 2), and your men didn’t maintain discipline during the sack, so you can’t honour them. Agree to be Blaylock’s second, congratulate him, and invite him to seek your counsel if you want to mentor him. Don’t request replacements. Sir Louis would like nothing better than be Lord Cassius’s friend (don’t compare Tierran to Takaran women), since he’s full of interesting perspectives.

Ride with your men, where you’ll hear about the book Hernandes is writing. Help Lewes with a counter-charge (after sending Lord Cassius to the rear), and tell Lewes you just did your duty. Take the eastern route for Lord Cassius’s safety. Show off where you fought at Blogia: your subordinates will learn from seeing the battlefield. Have each troop commander buy fodder for his troop from the locals. At the banquet, tell Castermaine that you would trust Lord Cassius to handle himself (this is different from when you were escorting him, because you’re no longer responsible for his safety—and you won’t be on good terms with him if you’re always saying he can’t do things). Women officers might provide an advantage in a generation: Lady Welles has captivated Sir Louis and her argument has swayed him, though there would be practical obstacles to having women lead in battle. Sir Louis allows Sandoral to attend Lady Welles’s salon, and to continue attending the salons if he tells Sir Louis about the reforms being discussed (together with supporting women officers, this is a major hit to reputation). Sir Louis also drafts a publick declaration of support for sainting Hunter.

At Mhillanovil, stop the enemy cavalry with a volley, use a plan that costs neither men nor time, and stay focused on orders when some men start to loot the camp (assuming you have 60+ loyalty, the penalty to reputation for letting them loot is pretty small). During his free time, Sir Louis continues work on his memoirs, and he convinces someone from Castermaine’s staff to provide the Dragoons with firewood. Back near Kharangia, ask Cunaris whther he’s sure you’re ready to be brevet lieutenant-colonel (receiving a very different response from when you executed Antari prisoners), and tell Reyes that you’re happy Lewes is well. During the war council, Sir Louis requests to be excused and tells Cunaris that he can apply his talents elsewhere. The evening before the battle, visit Lord Cassius and your men (to let them know you wish them well), since those are free actions. Sir Louis also visits the Experimentals (for a drink) and Cazarosta. If you’ve followed this guide, Cazarosta shouldn’t have his pleasant mask on, and he’ll describe how the Saints speak to him. Sir Louis is attracted to Welles, and could visit her instead of the Experimentals or Cazarosta, but that scene doesn’t contain much, and Sir Louis is conscious of his mediocre charisma and unsure of how to court her during war. From a pure min/max perspective, visiting the Experimentals (which boosts your relationship with Lewes, and Sir Louis is interested in reforming the army) and Lord Marcus (where you can share your experience, boosting your relationship) is probably best. Upon returning to his tent, Sir Louis objects to Lord Cassius’s idea, but after hearing an answer to every objection, agrees to let Lord Cassius accompany him tomorrow.

On the battlefield, guide Welles to the 5th of Foot. Perhaps artillery will supersede banecasting one day; war has changed. Don’t reinforce Hartigan, and send either Cazarosta or Garret to reinforce Lord Marcus. Tell Lord Cassius that victory is almost certain. Have the guns support the Experimentals, while you reinforce the 5th of Foot, and commit everything to a flanking charge. Hartigan is the only named casualty. After finding out that he owes almost 2000 crowns in interest, Sir Louis argues for clemency (but not excessive mercy) for Keane, and then buys a lieutenant-colonel’s commission (gambling, perhaps foolishly, that the benefits from becoming lieutenant-colonel will outweigh the problems from needing money quickly to pay his interest). Sir Louis tells Cazarosta that he must see to his family’s debts (alternatives include seeing family again, though that lowers ruthlessness, and inheriting a seat on the Cortes to change Tierra for the better) and tells him that it’s a marvellous idea to stay in the army. He asks Lady Katarina why she did not tell him her family name, and when he hears what happened at Januszkovil (despite some moral discomfort) he is impressed that Royal Intelligence found a way to win the war, and tells her that it was a victory well won. This should boost your relationship with Katarina to above 50, so that she grins as she says farewell. Sir Louis finishes Guns by reflecting that if Lady Katarina has Cazarosta’s trust, she might be worth trusting.


Here’s the final result:

(This version of Sir Louis requisitioned a mount, so subtract 100 crowns if you want Thunderer for stud purposes in Lords.)

Sir Louis has the Cross of St Jerome, the Gryphon of Rendower (but no bar), and the Meritorious Service Oder.

Here are some other details:
House Sancroix’s debt is 16165 crowns, and Sir Louis needs to make an interest payment of 1990 crowns this year. He had a strained relationship with his father, is close to his mother, and has a younger sister and brother. He invested 2000 crowns with Garing, and his memoirs (in which he attempts to truthfully depict the war, without excessive idealism or cynicism) are as advanced as they can be at the end of Guns.

Sir Louis is on very good terms with Cazarosta (hidden relationship stat is 79) and Lady Welles (75), whom he hopes to marry. He is on good terms with the Duke of Cunaris (67), Lord Cassius (67), and Lieutenant Lewes (respect is 5). He was on decent terms with Elson (59) and is on decent terms with Lord Marcus (60) and Lady Katarina (51). The king likely sees him as a relatively promising young officer (Royal = 30). On the other hand, Lefebvre and Carrecort likely hold grudges against him from his actions as young cornet, and Keane has no reason to think kindly of him after having received “clemency.”

Sir Louis has drafted a publick declaration of support for Hunter’s sainthood. His lieutenants are used to acting relatively independently (Ltauto = 4), and his sergeants are competent in their own right (Sgtauto = 2). Blaylock and Sandoral might turn to him for advice. Sir Louis is a recent convert to believing that women should become officers, and he also thinks that some baneless might make good officers. Sir Louis still believes in fighting for Tierra, but he recognizes that war has changed, and the Tierran army needs reform.