New games this week

So two new games recently came out and I can only get one right now. They are Samurai of Hyuga and Champion of the Gods. I was wondering if anyone could weigh in on them, especially if you’ve played both, to help me decide. Thank you very much.

Both games are fairly violent. I preferred Samurai of Hyuga. Champion of the Gods is very deep in mythology, destiny, etc, and hard to follow sometimes. Then again, Samurai of Hyuga did the same thing… Well, my opinion stands.

I’d suggest getting Samurai of Hyuga. The story is much longer, and more detailed. As their are several more choices in the game that impact the story as you play it. I played for two hours straight earlier and I still had more. The story was very engaging. The other story is good too. But this one is the best. I played both.

I’d suggest buying Champion of the Gods, (from Steam if you can), since it’s currently discounted 40% but the price will rise after the 24th.