The Aether: Life as a God Walkthrough?

Hello Sorry to bother you guys but I am unable to find any walkthrough of this game , I was looking for a detailed of every choice you make and it’s outcome as well as the different endings , what counts as good or evil etc. It would help alot if i could get a link , a message or comment here


A walkthrough is more or less impossible as the events that take place are random and you might not get the same events or the same order. If you have questions about particular achievements though ask and I will do my best to recollect. It has been quite a while since I played through, but I did 100% the game. @Tornaco_Vasco

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Thanks how do I increase my trust level ?

Sorry I got really busy then sick the past few days. The best thing to do until you get the trusted level is post your questions here and I or someone else will do our best to answer them

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Alrighy what’s the best way to be 100% good and how would that affect the story

The best way to reach 100% good, is to be kind and benevolent to the race you create, always encouraging them when possible. Secondly never ever kill any of the other gods, and try to do what fulfills their requests to the best of your ability. Finally at the end, you need to find a way to overcome the final boss. I don’t remember the path exactly for the good ending. But work with the other gods rather than against them. To gather enough power for the end, hunt demons as much as you can.

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Is there a way to resolve the conflict between the two gods Nothastrus Ofaldir without having to exile or choose a side