Aether life as a god secret achievements

I have found 2 of the secret endings, court god and lone wanderer and was wondering if anyone has figured out what the other 2 are and how to achieve them?


I found court god and spawn of abbadon. In order to get spawn of abaddon, be super evil, kill all the gods whenever you get a chance, and then in the final battle allow all the gods to die. After the tian fight, kill all the daemons in the city. Or do the exact same thing but dont kill the ddaemons at the ebd for the supreme god ending. Also do you know how to get reverse apocalypse?

Thanks man, i found reverse apoch, but not god of war or samual 17, im goning to do few new playthrougs to get the last secret ones

For god of war go super evil but gather as much praise as you can. During the god quests in the court, kill the other gods when the option is presented. Then in the quest where you have to settle the argument between the gods side with nothastrus. This will get you god of war once you reach the end of the game. How do you get reverse apoch?

You give the priest an essence stone during the plaque scene and he ressurects a bunch of people

Thanks do you have god of family? I can give you the instructions for any achievemnments you are missing except that one and samuel 17.

i believe you have to use an essance stone to ressurects the boys mother when she dies and he asks you to bring her back. im missing bibliophile and there is now a level zero

Bibliophobia requires the court quest in which you have to deliver a book to ylen. Basically gain as much power as you can, then go to the court if the quest shows up accept and then continue to resist the book if you run out of power you lose and cant get the achievement.

For there is now a level zero, do the first stage of creating your world. Do not accept any prayers and do not visit court. Pay for all the advancements you can to make your power as low as you can. Now go hunting and you should use the weakest attacks you can. If it gives you the option to continue hunting instead, do that. Do not flee though. Essentially when you reach the giant slug, you have to have very little power and then perform the weakest attack. Then you get it. This is very easy to mess up.

Thanks for theadvice.
How do you get Samuel 17?

No idea all i know is that it is the bible passage involving david and goliath. Its the last achievement i dont have

How do you get lethargic god and merciless?

When the scientist says he’ll use his potion ignore him

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In a random event a “feeble” follower called Andy asks for strength. Chose the third option to use an essance stone on him and you’ll get the Achievement.

I’m stuck on these two myself, anyone know how to get them?

For the merciless you must do a contract that consist un securing the court, then you will find a Daemon that wants to talk w you, if you kill him you get the achivement,