From Player to The Author

I just would like to say bravo to the author of Choice of Robots. That game is one of the best games I’ve played, and certainly a well-written one. I chose a more emotional path in the game, and by the end of it I wiped tears from my eyes. I really do believe that there is a wave of games coming that will establish the genre of “Emotional Experience Games” as a respected area of gaming. Not that this game may have been intended to, and depending on one’s choices (beauty of CoG) be one of such genre. Throughout this game I experienced many ups and downs, and if you allow yourself to be immersed in it, the game can be truly breathtaking as an emotional journey. I recommend playing this game 100/10, and to anyone who likes a game that can play into your emotions (Journey, Dont Look Back, Infernus, etc) I encourage you to play it.



I fully agree, and that is the reason I liked this game. Playing this actually moved me on to playing games like Too the Moon, Bastion, and other emotional games.

Another thing that I really appreciate it sparking my interest in is reading science fiction! I have been reading instead of spending all my time on the computer and I feel a lot better for it. Of course, I’ll still be here for their next game :wink:

Same here, I finished the game multiple time, and always it was a new deep story which was breathtaking !
Thanks a lot to you, Kevin Gold !
I’m really happy to have played your game and I really look forward for any new games from you !

(Note : people who liked it, cab you recommend me some games or choice of games like that ? Cause I played hero rise and I was really disappointed…)

FYI ‘Choice of Robots’ got a mention as one of ‘Android Authority’s’ best RPG for Android.