Hollywood Visionary Review


I just wrote down this quick little “review” on the game (which i posted on steam):

The game is excellently written (As I’ve come to expect from Choice of Games’ authors), the storyline is interesting and the the choices are varied enough to entertain you for several playthroughs, though it is cut short when it had the potential to get truly interesting.

I’ve played several Choice of Games (7) and this is one of the best written ones, though it isn’t quite at the level of Choice of Robots in my humble opinion. It is, however, as engaging, perhaps because of the subject matter which I’m very interested in!

Saying it is short would be unfair, but compared to Choice of Robots it falls into the shorter end of the spectrum.

But honestly, for €/$3 at launch (or a bit more afterwards) you’ll get at least 3 hours of very entertaining writing, and if you compare that to the prices of triple A games that leave you disappointed, or to a $30 cinema evening, there is A LOT of value here, just like there is in most of these games.

Definitely one of the more succesfully written CYOA/Interactive novels that have come out recently, and it is more than worth your time!