Choice of Kung Fu

Figured I’d make a new topic for the new game. Played the online demo and I have to say I’m pretty impressed, there seems to be a good amount of options in this one looking at the prologue and the first chapter with martial style, weapons, relationships, personality, alliance to the emperor vs the rebels and more. I’d certainly consider getting the full game when I finally get a smart device or when the UK Kindle finally has the games availiable in the Kindle Store.


I did the same thing but was disappointed it was not in the amazon app store yet.

I like it a lot just wish I could finish it up online instead of having to buy it like they use to do

just if i had enough money to buy it :frowning:

Although the concept may not, prima facie, seem captivating, once gameplay commences one finds oneself deeply engaged: 'Tis a well-written piece not lacking in descriptive embellishment with a similarly well-imagined environment, though I’m certain I’d have to replay it a few times to better appreciate the nuances of the setting. Whilst I am, however, concerned that decisions and consequences related to other characters are somewhat shallow, I must nevertheless still declare that overall this is a bloody good piece, one most assuredly worth the purchase.

As a side note, I am glad to see something of this quality being released, following my disappointment with To the City of the Clouds in general, and with The Fleet regarding its bare-bones presentation - it’s highly re-assuring.

Just played through the demo myself, and I must say it’s definitely one of the better Choice of games, on par with Heroes Rise.

but the question to be asked is how long is it
is it worth the 3bucks
demo was short so has me worried the game itself will be short as well

Indeed. The Fleet was pretty decent, but was rather short for three dollars.

Just purchased it on Google chrome. Looks good so far. I will share my impressions after my first play through.

Played through it once. It’s well-developed and worth the price. I am a satisfied customer.

I’ve bought it too. It is worth the price, however I feel that writer wanted to close the story too soon. I was hoping for some Part 2, but it seems there won’t be one.

I just bought it and finished it and its great<3 I’m definitely gunna play it again cause there’s quite a few things you can do

figured it would be a good game but how long is it
is it same size as hero rises or longer

I’ve been playing it for almost 2 hours and I’m pretty sure I’m not even half way through.

I played through it twice since my first post. The second time I skimmed some things. I think it is well worth the price. It is pretty lengthy. Romance is underwhelming for those looking for it although I have not explored those options very deep since I don’t care much for that. I skipped a romance my first play through. Other than that, I noticed that stats do play a role in many of the choices you make so I am enjoying exploring different options.

Romance is a bit underwhelming, smexed my demon fox companion <3 but I mean its just a vague sex scene where she gets you to the bed then goes to black xD after that other then having “feng” in my romance spot on the stats page, nothing significant happened

typical censored you would expect on this site nothing new

just played it
rather easy just used common sense :slight_smile:

Just played it, I’d have to say it’s the best official CoG game that’s been released for a while, lots of different paths and options and good writing. Just one question. HOW DO YOU GET TO ASK THE FRIGGIN GUY AT THE END A QUESTION!!! I’ve tried about 10 times and I keep failing… And I really want to know how kites fly! But seriously, this bit has me stumped. :frowning:

Near as I can tell, you need to successfully complete all chapters, or all but one, and have decent Honor and Status.

One thing I’d have liked to see (maybe in an expansion pack?) is an option to get directly involved in the Governor vs. Blue Scarves conflict. Not just in the bandit hunt, but (for example) right after the festival, there could be a chapter where either the Governor or Deng Ping calls on you and asks for backup in the conflict, or the Han family suffers because of the fighting and needs help. If you haven’t gotten involved with any of them, then maybe Feng gets up to some of her usual foxy mischief.