Choice of Robots: Your robots will change the world, but at what cost?

On iPad, you can’t set your own name. No matter what you type it shows up as “unnamed” and “protagonist”.

Shouldn’t I be able to sue Mark if he uses that story without my permission???

Also happened to me on iPad 3. It also doesn’t allow you to name your robot (will always show up as “your robot”), and possibly all the other custom names later on.

Just tested, custom naming works just fine on my iPhone 4. Guess it’s an iPad only issue?

i looooooved the game!

it was really an experience to enjoy!

Now that I can talk about it, I can definitively say that the replay value is at least as high as Tin Star’s if not higher. I played it to death when it was in beta and I’m sure I didn’t see the whole thing.

I just replayed and wow. This game is immense, and oh so replayable. I managed a good playthrough, all happiness and positivity where everything worked out for the best. It was surprisingly different from my first playthrough too in that almost everything seemed different, and various new events took me by surprise, even though I largely made the same sorts of decisions I did first time around, the few different choices I made opened up a whole new story.

I liked my second play-through better, it just seemed happier. I got to change the world and make it a better place.

Wow. Just… Wow. This has become one of my favorite CoG’s to date. The writing, the choices that act and feel important, and the absolutely numerous routes this story can go down.

The first time a took over Alaska, ending on the note of a melancholy victory, the second I made the world a better place for robots and humans. Well done, 10/10.

Liking the game so far although I’ve died twice in my first two playthroughs first time in chapter six and just in chapter three.

Really like the event summary idea i considered something similar for Unnatural but couldn’t decide how best to achieve it. Glad to see its possible.

I just played through this once. Wow. There was a time (I think it was around Choice of the Archeologist) where I lost faith that the official games would be worth the money. And by that I mean take me more than five minutes to play, be interesting, well-written and not feel half-baked. I stopped buying them because I couldn’t afford to spend the money on something that left me feeling frustrated. And then Slammed! came out and convinced me otherwise. And now this game comes out. This is a great game. It takes a quirky premise and weaves it in a really interesting way with the modern “tech” industry and media. It has a certain authenticity to it. You really feel like you earned whatever ending you get. It’s creative and interesting. I got ridiculously attached to my robots. A lot of love went into this game. I’m very glad I splurged on this.

I bought this game today. I without revealing spoilers. Think it has a good replay value. It’s pretty interesting also. I am a romantic at heart, so my choices leaned towards that.

Iv only played the demo and it seems really good, I got really attached to my first robot miku.

Holy crap. Fantastic work! Instantly one of my all-time favourites.

I need some advice on getting the Mastermind achievement (and subsequently, ending).

Mastermind isn’t an ending in itself, it’s a subset of one of the four ending paths.

I’ll give you a hint: Military has nothing to do with it, you’re going for a more subtle takeover.

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I replayed this game again, giving her more access to weapons. It’s a very very different ending. I really like this game. It has so many small things that could change the story. It is well written. I’d like to see more story’s from this author.

Is there a romance guide of sorts? I cannot for the life of me figure out how to start a relationship with two of these characters.

@Leto There’s no guides currently. Which two characters?

… I must be getting old, because I’m not finding a way to get that ending. My thinking for some reason, just keeps going back to ‘robotic rebellion’.

I am guessing that ‘Grace’ and ‘Humanity’ are my keys to getting Mastermind, since I remember getting that one ‘best’ ending but didn’t go full and absolute control… Hmm. Maybe that cult thing, even? Hmm hmm…


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@Crax There’s a couple of ways to get the achievement. From a quick glance there’s one way (that looks super obscure) in the high autonomy path. There’s two methods in the grace path (but they’re virtually the same) and they look far easier to reach Try to install a backdoor code into the robots, either for yourself or your robot, and be sure autonomy is less than 20.

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@FairyGodfeather unfortunately, I’m not sure how to blur things out and I’d hate to post spoilers.