In which games do choices have the most impact?

I started playing CoG games in July when I stumbled upon Choice of Robots as a free app, I was instantly hooked.

Since then I’ve played several more games, some with very excellent writing, but none that have approached the same scope as robots.

While playing these games I often feel railroaded, whatever my decisions each play through will give me the same story again and again.

Can anyone recommend some more games like Choice of Robots which not only provide different endings but also different stories?

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Alas, Ian, Choice of Robots was a ridiculously branching interactive novel by any standard. I hold out some faint hope that Kevin Gold will make enough money for it to have been an economical labor of love… if anyone does, I think he will. But if that’s set the “scope” standard for you, virtually everything else will fall short.

Tin Star (Hosted Game) is another excellent labor of love which you should try. Other than that, I’m struggling to think of anything in the same ballpark…


I played tin star and loved it, great writing, story and characters.
It would be a shame if I started with the best (in terms of branching) as that sets my expectations pretty high.

Choice of robots was my introduction to the genre and I found myself with the same struggle however many of the games I have tried since have been really enjoyable for the stories and world’s.

Favourites to try would be:
-Heroes rise trilogy

I’ve tried writing a game similar to choice of robots but it’s extremely difficult to offer branches as wide has that offers. It’s called “The Followers” on the forums if you wanted to check it.

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Perhaps Life of a Mobster? The game has semi wide branches that effect you mostly stat wise, but it does have 12 different endings which gives it serious replayabity value.

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Life of a Wizard is pretty expansive as well in customisation and how you want to play. It has a slightly more limited scope in terms of set “endings” however, it’s still an excellent game.

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Robots was a different type of game really, it was less story driven and more choice driven. Most of the other types of games take a different approach imo

Guenevere will be and GOI, judging by its rather impressive word-count will be as well. Infinity however has just two main story variations, disgraced or not. It’s next sequel Lords on the other hand…well let’s just say I don’t know how @Cataphrak is going to manage that beast. Of course since I’m a major infinity series fanboy you should check it out for yourself. Oh and there “a study in Steampunk”, which is rather impressive in that regard as well. It has three main story variations, temple, rebel and government.


I played it at least a half dozen times and was still finding new stuff.

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Oh, yes – how could I forget Steampunk? It starts a little narrower, but properly broadens in story scope about halfway through.

If I can ever finish it and I am making progress with it, I am working on something myself where I’m trying to make the decisions as impactful as possible despite having a set character, with being more narrative driven.

Like Havenstone said as well, Choice by Steampunk is recommended. Guinevere I’ve not actually read, but it seems like it’s very well done from a story branching aspect and people seem to love the writing/story itself.

At the very least it did good enough that Kevin has the ability to write another game for us, the one set in old Alexandria.

I find it slightly ironic you’re recommending the Heroes Rise series when one of the more common criticisms was how railroady it was.

Unfortunately you kind of did start with the best in regards to branching. The only close ones I can come up with are Steampunk and Tin Star, at least in terms of branching playable areas (I don’t count Swords since it’s effectively a playable ‘epilogue’). Everything else you’re essentially hitting the same ‘parts’ every playthrough.

I am truly ashamed I forgot Steampunk. When I played that game I was seriously invigorated, I could see it all happening. Doctor Watson was the perfect name for my character and his Holmes-esque partner Finch. What an excellent game.