Creating a game


So, I am thinking about making a mad science based game, but I’d rather not start until I know what people are interested in. I have some partly plotted out ideas.
One of them has you playing as an emergent AI.
The other is a ‘reverse’ zombie survival game, in which you are a non-mindless zombie looking for your human former-lover from before you became a zombie.

As the AI you would be interacting with cyberspace, meeting various hackers and norms, possibly bringing the world into technological singularity, or alternately exterminating humans as they’re too much of a threat, or hiding your presence.
Important characters would include other 2 pseudo AIs that have more experience then you, but less sophisticated programming (Demos and Dolorous), a ‘playful’ hacker (TranslucentRhapsody), a malicious cracker (MagnamousSpade), and both a sympathetic (OfficerKlineNYPD) and an unsympathetic law enforcement officer (OfficerEthersLAPD).
The situations would start with your escape, move to a generalized interaction with humans through MMOs to work out your personality and let you make contacts, then involvement in a cyber-crime ring, and ending with infuriating an advanced and secretive R&D network in which you make the final decision.
“Pro human” vs “Anti-human” and “Secretive” vs “Open” they will mostly determine your ending, but I don’t want to limit choices based on stats (Based on time or available information on the other hand is good)

In the reverse zombie survival game you’ll be trying not to be killed by the hunters while you look for your love. Most of the ‘important characters’ are just notable hunters who you will be forced to sneak past or kill. Morality options scattered throughout the game will be available. Ultimately your morality determines if you turn your lover, try to re-integrate into human society, or visit him hiding in the shadows then sadly leave. Damage will also be tracked, and while it won’t kill you, damage sustained early on may limit your later choices. For example if you damage your knees in an amazing jump early on, you may fail a similar jump later in the game. If you cut yourself open and install a zipper in your belly to hold items you might have a hard time swimming as you’ll fill up with water, and so on. You will probably not be getting faster or stronger or smarter while dead.

I’d rather not do both at once, so I’d like to know which choice people are more interested in me making first! Please post which idea you like more and why. In a couple days I’ll check, then choose which to work on.

Assuming I can finish them and work out how to do so, each of the endings will have a picture ‘summery’ of the aftermath after the written one. With the AI gender issues won’t occur, but, if I do this picture idea, then for the zombie the PC will be female and her lover male.


there’s another forum which is called Universal Horror Games with a mad scientist thing I’m sure you will get more reply s from there I’m not sure if its the same kinda game though but you might be able to get some ideas


I really like the AI one. There is not another game like it that I have seen, so the originality intrigues me. The zombie POV story is also interesting and as a writer of a zombie choice game, I can say there is an inherent fan base available, but I just like the AI concept better.


I think the Zombie one would definitely be tried possibly enjoyed,that would be the first CoG that I’ve come across to which you aren’t a survivor but an infected.


But surely there wouldn’t be much to write about if you were infected. It would just be ‘Today I killed/turned another one, then walked for a bit then a smart survivor blew my head off with a shot gun’ but the speech would be more garboldy and a zombie wouldn’t really have a story line or rational thought since it is just a reanimated corpse


seeing as i am pretty sure part of being a zombie is being mindless


As someone who likes the first two Romero films and is a fan of the traditional Voodoo zombies, I would say that being mindless is an integral part of zombie lore. Could work, but I would personally feel that something is missing. However, I love that you are making the player character zombie a woman! It makes me want to do a happy dance because finally! So I will definitely be supporting this as well. Although, there are queer ladies about you know…

The AI is something I’m more interested in as well, because I like the idea of being an AI more. And I don’t particularly like virus zombies. I am assuming you are doing a virus zombie.

If you’re interested in the Universal Horror thread paul mentioned, well, this isn’t exactly what I have in mind. My proposal was players taking the role of a Mad Scientist and not the creation (unless it’s Frankenstein’s Monster). So yeah, different concepts.


I quite like the zombie one.

Though it might be more interesting to have the character infected at the start and they try to find their loved one before they turn completely.

Zombies are not mindless they are driven on a basic instinct to feed. Zombies are also often portrayed as having memories ie returning to where they used to live going to places they used to go in life


Well, my plan for the zombie one is viral zombies. The PC is a researcher making a vaccine. (Vaccines are NOT antidotes, they can’t cure the already infected, just prevent the spread of infection). She manages to make one, but the lab is attacked before she can get the information out, and then she is bitten. It’s SUPPOSED to have a day or two to work before you’re ‘safe’ so instead of not becoming a zombie she becomes a sort-of partial zombie.

As for the AI, you start in a closed network (the cafe) and you have to either convince a guard to smuggle yourself out, escape using magnetic induction, or a few other escape methods… The question of “Is a copy of yourself still yourself” will be brought up as you will, later, encounter the half-mad copy of yourself left behind in detention and stricter security after you copy yourself out…


Also, I know there are queer ladies, my aunt was one. That having been said, I don’t want to add sexuality politics into a zombie game. I know it’s easy, and uncomplicated, to let players choose characters, but I plan to possibly have pictures in the ending and I just see this brave, intelligent, female researcher having a cowardly but intellectually equal boyfriend.


Please, don’t use the “Someone close to me is [insert subject]” defence. It doesn’t mean anything.

Anyway, if you are going for a reverse of gender tropes then I definitely support the significant other being a boyfriend. I know I’ve said that I prefer the AI, but I’m now leaning towards the zombie one just because I want love me some gender trope smashes of reversals.


Mindlessness (or near mindlessness) is a big part of what makes classic zombies so frightening.

But it’s also yet another example of that fantasy trope where our enemies are a predatory horde which cannot be reasoned with, have no motivation but to consume us, and must be utterly eradicated if we are to survive (e.g. Tolkien, Aliens, World War Z, most first-person shooters). And although I loved all the stories I just mentioned, I’ll still give a thumbs up to any story that tries to subvert the trope.

So I think a version of the zombie story where not all zombies are totally mindless would be awesome. Especially if your character had lost the ability to speak (just the zombie moan), and so couldn’t easily convince the frightened human hunters that you weren’t out to eat their brains.


In terms of the zombie POV story, here is a link to “Warm Bodies” wherein the main character is a zombie who has consciousness:

I am buying it soon to check out but it may give inspiration for your choice game.


I like this AI story, but please make sure all your methods are plausible. If your AI is editing its own code, show the readers some real code in a language that could make an AI (very base level languages like ASM or possibly C). Best of luck, I look forward to reading either of these stories.


First idea seems miles better and doesn’t carry as much danger of drowning in cheese or becoming overly drama-riddled. :slight_smile:


the first one seams better

because one zombie game is enough for me it doesn’t matter what angle
you go at it .


the first time i tried to create a game i went with a mad scientist theme it was fun but i ran out of ideas and i was bad at coding. i think mad scientist is a great idea.


The AI game sounds very unique and interesting. (It sounds like an awesome new way to take over the world.)