Solitary life [working title]


hello world. i am starting this discussion to try and do a thread on a project i’m working on at the moment called solitary life. what i’d like to do here is just post a rough outline of what i’ve already sketched out so that you guys can take a look and perhaps suggest what needs changing and where. eventually (if the game gets to the kind of size i’d like), i’d like to post and fixes here and i’m hoping on working on this project as a series of games so, perhaps a megathread with all the resources related to each part (IF it ever gets to that size).

before i get into it, just a short note on the project as a whole. the solitary life series is loosely based on some previously unimplemented ideas i’ve had and is essentially following the plight of a solitary man or woman, struggling in a post-apocalyptic world. for design reasons, i prefer not to think about the origin of this apocalypse but rather allude to it vaguely throughout. the infected, wherever mentioned, are the stories prime antagonists and function as a sort of primal human being. once civilised, they have been afflicted by an unknown source.

anyway, here’s episode1 :slight_smile: :

part 1

we meet our protagonist, running from the infected at a pace. through a series of actions you commit to whilst trying to evade and out run them, you define who you are and what you believe in (effectively shaping your character). there is a possibility (although incredibly slim and most probably through deliberate choice) that you can die in the first part. if not, based on the skills you say you have, you find and construct a shelter of sorts. this sort of shelter will inform your condition and other traits for the following parts

quick note: i wanted the character shaping to be less explicit and more integrated with the narrative itself. this is why i opted for character moulding during action. although i can see the validity of allowing players to choose explicitly what they want, i believe a more nuanced approach makes people choose more naturalistically.

part 2

a year has passed. your skills have served you in whatever way (good or bad) but living out in the wilderness is not sustainable. after a year, you have all but exhausted what little life remained. you need to get out and find somewhere more permanent and secure. you eventually make your way to a ruined settlement (one of four; still debating whether to do this because of the potential size). during your tiresome journey, you encounter a band of thieves, and face a tough moral dilemma. dependant on your choices and your condition, you may enter either a dream or hallucination sequence and your stats will determine exactly what happens within it.

quick note: although i’ve identified three main conflict points, on the journey towards these, the player will encounter much smaller, less riskier choices (shall i venture into the abandoned warehouse to search for supplies? shall i help the injured animal or kill it for food?) that supplement stats and determine other plot points.

part 3

in the settlement you have finally arrived in, you come across a variety of horrors (depending on each settlement) and respond accordingly. noting that the settlement is not safe, you stock up and move on (again, depending on the settlement will determine what you have replenished). now back in the wilderness, you encounter another lone ranger and either work together or become hostile (another point where you could die or at the very least recieve serious wounds). after constructing your shelter, you reflect upon yourself or talk to your new found friend (either boosting your or their stats and their trust [another stat] and/or your morale) and finally drift to sleep.

quick note: i was unsure how the companion thing would pan out, especially if you didn’t have one, as you will see in further parts.

part 4

you awake violently, surrounded by the infected. suddenly, you are in a fight for your life. whatever faith you had in yourself or your companion has seemingly vanished. everything is far too panicked. after killing your friend in a brutal fashion, the infected close in on you. as a limb claws forth, you wake up in a heavy sweat. after a short conversation with your friend (potential to develop a love interest if desired although i will randomise the gender), you move off again. you are desperate for salvation and at a low ebb. suddenly, the infected ambush you. it is a small number, but enough to overwhelm you. you remember your nightmare. you do manage to kill a few with your new found strength but eventually, your companion does a suicide move, leading the infected away while shouting for you to make your escape.

quick note: not sure if this has enough content.

part 5

a few months have passed since your lucky escape and you are possbily apathetic at this point. you think about killing yourself with all the grief and anxiety you have suffered over the past year and a half. at the point of going through with it, you make a decision. whatever happens, we pull back to see the glimmering world around you. there are a few lights, blinking in the distance.

quick note: i am unsure about the final decision and would really appreciate feedback on this.

sorry about the length of that but i just wanted to get everything across as best i could. hopefully, you could read maybe one or two of the parts if not all and just give an analysis of what you think needs changing. i really do appreciate all the feedback and i hope i can make this into a great game for all of you.


Sounds good. I didn’t need to sleep tonight anyway. :slight_smile:


well, hey, I’m glad you like it! but I do apologise for the length. i’ll try and cut it down once i’ve started fleshing it out. :slight_smile:


HA! Trust me, you don’t know the MEANING of long…I still can’t believe that people actually read that post…


Sounds very good and you’ve got a plan of where you want to take the story which is even better :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your first demo. I would focus on part 1 first don’t worry too much about the other parts yet they will flesh themselves out as you work on your game.

Anyway good luck with it oh and most importantly have fun!


@Shintaro which post do you mean, sorry?

@Nocturnal_Stillness thank you very much. i should have part 1 fleshed out really soon but i don’t know where to host it or where to put it to allow people to demo. all in all though, i will try to make it as good as i can for a first draft and i hope you’ll have as much fun playing as i hope to have making!



There are two different ways people here use to host their games

either (which has a week probation period before you can upload html files) the alternative and the one I’m using now is dropbox (kudos to @CJW for suggesting it in another topic)

a link to CJWs topic about dropbox

it should help you.


I did a post a few weeks ago. Luckily, it is now buried under other, much more important threads


@Nocturnal_Stillness hey thanks for that. i’ll take a look out at the link and also try and get a rough draft out for part one out in the next couple of days. by the way, i had a really nice play through on unnatural. i would suggest a couple of things myself that i would like to see just as a player but i wasn’t really feeling confident to say something constructive enough, having not written anything myself yet!

@Shintaro haha. i will take a look and try to find this monster post. :slight_smile:


By all means make suggestions as a player your views are always important!


This looks like a great game in the making look forward to it.


I have been looking forward to someone writing a post-apoc tale, and your outline looks promising. Go for it.

If you help an injured animal, perhaps it could accompany you and help in fights, but of course, also require more food. It would also lend an ear to any thoughts you felt like voicing (more interesting and natural than just writing out thoughts).


@Lordirish i’m glad you think so. i am starting work on it this week and hope to have something decent up in the coming days. i’ll keep this thread updated with any bugs i find and also, i wouldn’t be wholly against allowing posters deciding some of the content on here too.

@HoraceTorys i’m glad you like the current outline. i’d like to flesh it out a little bit more and really get some structure to it but hopefully you’ll all like it.

with regards to potential companions. i’m not sure if this is straying too close to fallout line but i would like some sort of reward and potential extra dimension to be added for whatever action you do (be it good or bad) so i’m going to try and implement something like that when i come to part 2.


You should show the character desperate, and show him succumbing to internal evils, such as stealing to live.


@Person i do intend to force some very difficult internal struggles to definitely crop up. there will be a couple of other branches depending on how well (or not) you survive and the condition of those around you. cool name by the way. :slight_smile:




My apologies for digging up an old thread. However, my reason for doing so is because I am considering restarting this project. I had to go on hiatus for a long time (as you can see!) because of other commitments. Now though, I believe I am able to flesh out this story in full - if people would still be interested in it.

I know the landscape has changed in media and especially gaming and survival/post-apocalyptic worlds now seem to be more the norm than the exception to the rule. However, I would really like to add some meat to this tale if people would be interested in playing it and seeing what happens.

In addition, I am also going to be drafting up an alternate set of stories set in a different, sci-fi/cyberpunk universe which I feel isn’t being as much done to death as ‘apocalyptia’ but I’ll post details of that later and in a separate thread.

Please let me know your thoughts and comments below. Thanks for reading!


@_jl - sounds interesting, I don’t think CYOA have too many post-apocalyptic games, so I hope to see this one come into existence. :-bd


@JTAL - Thank you for your response, it is much appreciated. I suppose you are right in that CYOA do not tend to delve into this sort of genre. I am happy you enjoy the basic premise though :slight_smile:

If you, or anyone reading this thread for that matter, thinks there is something I should avoid at all costs (or promote, likewise) with regards to this genre, please let me know. I’d be interested to see what people think about this.


Nice jl it’s good to see everything planned and panned out from where you want to go, it seems like it going to be descriptors which is good and I like,

Just some questions is there going to e any romance? Or just if you are with that companion? An what gender is the companion? Also will you meet any other people? Can you find weapons?

Sorry for the long amount of questions