[ A State of Isolation ] A Serious Work in Progress


Hello and welcome to this new game I’ve been thinking to do. I’m a new writer, but I’m really interested to work with ChoiceScript and everyone on the forums.

So, I have a new idea that might be interesting to some. It’s not finalized yet, nor have I actually started, but here goes:

A State of Isolation
This is a game of life and death. You’re not human, nor are you alien. You identify yourself as a mystery. You say no words, you work alone, and you heed no man, woman or child. The latter primarily because the world is in a state of isolation. You are in a planet. The Solar System beyond leaves much to be desired, as all around you is the empty vacuum of space, welcoming as ever to your humble silence. You’re aware of the reason things have repressed so deeply. . .because, much like an apocalypse, your world has faced the dawn of evolution. Aliens, creatures you didn’t know existed, have arrived.

In days, they’ve taken over. Every land, water body and airspace has been surrendered to the species humanity could not identify in time, and they ended up in an emergency evacuation procedure. Rather unfortunate for you, you’ve been left behind in a world where no one but you and the most hostile of creatures exist. As much as things have escalated, you learned to cope.

Soon, you found yourself in a massive battle with these creatures. Just you, and a grown civilization of unbelievable technological advancement. Your strife to evolve alongside them has got you this far-- so can you survive? Will you fight a battle you can’t possibly win?

So, this is just an idea I have about a Sci-Fi universe where it’s literally you versus millions of aliens. It’s a game about survival, with several twists and turns along the way.

Currently, I have planned multiple classes for the character(about five, so far) that each have COMPLETELY different stories. They pretty much fight their own, individual battles, and the information you learn from one playthrough of a certain class won’t necessarily be similar to another. This creates so many replayability options that I hope live up to expectation. Mine, mostly. (;d) These stories have the potential to branch out into three different endings or pathways that you can take with each class, so things won’t always be the same, really.

It’s pretty much a survival space game. I don’t think I spared any detail, but just ask questions if you’re interested.


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Oh, thanks! Sorry for the hassle.


With the way this is set up this sounds, especially the

part, as a pretty ambitious project for a first time writer, which might end up being much wider than it is long. If it is, expect people complaining the game is ‘too short’, despite all the replayability. You might also want to focus on the branch for one class for now just to see if you are actually able to write a finished story, and then add the branches for the other classes after that. There are way too many good stories on the forum that never make it to the final stages because their writers aren’t able to finish them.


Yeah. The thing is, before this, I was actually working on another Hosted Game but ended up completely scraping the idea because 1. I didn’t realize I needed popular opinion, and 2. Because I wanted to branch out even more. I will take that advice to heart, though, and probably even follow it and just do one class for now and see how it all works out for me.

Thanks, though. Appreciate it.


Well, you don’t exactly need popular opinion, but it helps, both in terms of being a motivation factor and in terms of the sales figures if you actually manage to release it.

The one class at a time idea is actually because I’m doing the same thing for a competition WiP of mine right now, and that approach seems to be working pretty well this far.


Sound good so far can’t wait for demo


Yeah, I’m just looking for some motivation here. But glad to know it’s working out for you. Hope it does for me, too, because I’m fully willing to make this an expansive enough story and put in the necessary effort for it to work out. I mean, depending on how it goes, I might cut down the work and whatnot, but as it stands, I’m up for the challenge. ;D


The idea has potential and @Cecilia_Rosewood has already brought up the complications involved with complexity. I’d like to see a demo and hope you provide an introduction soon.

I would caution against being too sensitive to popularity - not all stories need to mirror what’s “popular”. Some of the best hosted and CoG games have stayed true to a vision which then has garnered them dedicated followings.

The quality of your story will speak for itself and will get you fans.


Thanks! I was hoping I could come in here and introduce the whole ‘multiple stories multiple endings’ scheme, but looks like I’d have to be deeper than that. I’ve already started thinking of ways that I can convey the story in the best quality I can, with as much information and intriguing storytelling that I can fit in one story. Thanks for the advice, though!