Option A (WIP - Demo)


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Hello everyone!

After losing my first account along with some of my older games I wrote a few years ago, I’m back with a new WIP that is far more ambitious than some of my earlier ones.

Option A (pending title) is a sci-fi game, set on Earth in the year 2107. Mankind has begun to prioritize space travel following a meteorite impact a decade prior – one that caused widespread damage to a sizable chunk of Earth. The meteor and the subsequent technological advances it has wrought have managed to attract the attention of other life forms. In those years, many aliens have sent cryptic messages to Earth and it’s speculated they may begin to show up in person.

Part of the efforts to improve their extraterrestrial reach, the humans have assembled an organization spanning several nations to speak for the humans – and fight as well, if need be. This group is called the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial and Intergalactic Interactions (?) or unofficially, Option A.

You play as an up-and-coming recruit to Option A, handling along with your team the growing cases of alien activity being reported around the world.

You work, essentially, as a jack of all trades. Wherever they need you, you’ll be there. However, you’ll have a certain field you specialize in, and as the game progresses you’ll find yourself doing these things more often than others.

Advanced Combat: You’re trained to fight – alien or otherwise – and have been introduced to several methods of combat suited specifically to fighting particular lifeforms. As it stands, however, there is not much to know about how these forms work – or how to take them down.

Advanced Technology – You have extensive knowledge of the latest technology of the Space Initiative. You’ll work on developing and advancing this tech as part of Option A.

Alien Specialist – There isn’t much to know about the aliens only recently contacting us. As a specialist in the field, you work to uncover the mysteries behind the messages sent to us – and even get hands-on with them yourself.

And a “secret” specialization you can obtain later in the game:

Astronaut: You’re trained in all fields imperative to the Initiative, and use these talents to rise up as a pioneer in the growing struggle to perfect space travel.

There is seemingly no one objective in this game – as the story progresses, there are different paths and objectives you can tackle, allowing for some freedom to follow what you find important. However, all roads will lead to an inevitable point of conflict, and depending on where your character stands, their role and approaches may vary.

I made this game with the primary goal of significant choice being a major part of the game. There is a central story you’ll follow, and characters you’ll have to meet, but your choices will impact where things go from there. I don’t want any one story you play to be nearly identical to another!

With that in mind, the game is going to be huge, but not especially long. Several arcs are planned, however you won’t not see them all in one playthrough. I hope that you’ll enjoy finding all of the stories you can uncover and find a real sense of satisfaction in what you find.

Link to game: https://db.tt/U5wJnWDm

Updated 12/7 - Plays up to Chapter 1


This seems cool is there romance?


There is some romance, yes. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m off for today, but I’ll be around to answer any questions tommorow!


Let me say for the record this has just become one of most anticipated games to play. I’ve always been a huge sci-fi guy, and this game seems like a dream come true. I love how there are different specializations, as it seems like it should make the character much more customizable than the standard jack of all trades character. Also, I really like the no objective idea, as it does allow for much more freedom and leads to much greater replayability than heading towards a set objective. This is also one of my favorite time periods for sci-fi, where things are gritty and unproven. Overall, I’m begging you to do great on this, I have faith in you, and I am gonna check back december 12, 13, and onward till you post a demo.

Anyway, one question. When you say trained to fight lifeforms alien or otherwise, does that mean humanity already has confirmed extraterrestrial contact?


It sounds really interesting can’t wait to hear more about it


No clear goal. Plenty of customization, including how I view the situation and how to solve it. All in a sci-fi setting. You have my attention.


Thanks for the replies, all. I’m glad there’s some interest in this!

@TW3ET, you really know how to put the pressure on, lol! I feel similarly to you, this is a setting that I love to explore and I hope I can do it justice. It’s my first time writing sci-fi, however, so it won’t be near perfect. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it. :blush:

To answer your question: The setting follows the many cases of indirect alien contact, so there are none visiting Earth. It is common knowledge they exist (with some non-believers, of course), but the public has not seen any extraterrestrial life forms just yet.

But the story opens up some time after the first case of confirmed case of alien sightings. Dealing with it is the opening conflict.

Thanks for the question!


This is an interesting premise. What damage was caused after the meteor impact? Where did the meteor hit? If you set your story 23 years later into the future, it could easily be a sequel to Colonising Kepler 62e - @Samuel_H_Young and my game about an asteroid colliding into Earth in the year 2115. Our game deals with evacuation and travelling to another planet, but we have talked about what would happen to anyone who survives on Earth as a possible spin-off/Easter egg for our game.


Thanks! It’s a around two decades after the impact. The meteor hit the Atlantic but was big enough to cause enough damage from recoil – so a lot of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. I was originally planning to make it more devastating and direct, but decided I’m not very good a post-apocalyptic settings.

It’d be interesting to write something in correspondence with that. I’ll have to try out the game, but I don’t think the two will fit together. The damage is extensive, but not enough to abandon Earth. Space travel probably isn’t as advanced in this game as it might be in yours, either. It’d be cool to change some details to make it so, though!


The devastation in our game is quite unavoidable, really. Perhaps the two will be incompatible. Survivors on our Earth would need to be in a deep underground bunker for quite a while.

Then again… in our game, we never actually see the damage the asteroid has caused - it is only speculated beforehand by the scientists. Perhaps it could have grazed the Earth instead of a direct hit, causing major damage but not as severe as first anticipated…

We have two impact destinations for our game (depending on your nationality) - One, on the Isle of Wight (right next to the Atlantic) and the other on a small Korean / Japanese island called Dokdo (infamously, the Koreans and Japanese argue who owns the rocks).

Edit: If you take a look, we have two different demos (the first two games in our trilogy). The first will give you an idea of what our Earth is like while the second deals directly with our spaceship technology, as well as further insight into our world.


Just a cool little thing on staying vs leaving there is a show called the 100 on the cw based on that.


Open ended, choice really decides the story, sci-fi setting, I’ll definitely be following. Good luck!


sounds very interesting


Hey guys, thanks for the comments. Glad to know my idea is at least interesting! :smile:

Just a fast update, I’ll be pushing the demo release forward. The introduction and first mission will hopefully be out on or before Wednesday!

I’ll also be releasing a bit of a preview for another IF I wrote back in January to see if there any interest for it as well before I eventually make a discussion for it. It’s a lot simpler so I hope to release that story before this one. Expect that sometime tomorrow.

Thanks again!


The link to my other game is up in the OP. PLEASE don’t comment on it here, send me a message if you have comments. I’ll make a topic for it when I make more headway!

I’m hard at work on scripting the first mission, and will have it up ASAP.



Okay, the first mission has been taking waaay too long to script, and I imagine it’ll be a week before it’s done.

I don’t want to wait to wait that long to put up the demo so I’m putting up everything before it so you can get an idea of what the game is like. Link is in the OP

Please, if you have any questions, concerns, criticism, comments, let me know! I welcome it, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything so I kind of need some major criticism. xP


Great game so far I will definitely be keeping my eye on this one.


It seems like it’s going to be really good xD I can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I hope to put up a big update in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned. :smile:


I really like what you have so far and I look forward to the rest of it