Hinterland [WIP] (Updated 11/8)

Hinterland is a survival game.

Feedback is always appreciated. More so on pacing and plot than typos - I make a lot of those, however so have a field day with those. Game is being worked on, next update is due in December or January.

Haitus may be taken as living arrangements at the moment are not fit for working on the game. Game will not be submitted to the COG contest as I will not meet the deadline.

January 31st is the deadline for the new update, which gives me a little less than three months for the new part. This part will most likely be the halfway point for the game. Game completion may be late 2017, but this game is barely one third finished story-wise.

Please provide feedback on anything you may see. I am considering a closed alpha for the game as lack of feedback is a little disappointing, but I know people are reading the story.

I changed my mind. I’m going to make a Christmas update and that will be the next update date.


Intrigued with what you have so far, but I got as far as choosing to put on my life jacket before we hit the water, then it said something about a fiery explosion and when I hit ‘next’ an error message popped up.

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Sort of intrigued by the beginning. Sure there’s typos, but those can be easily fixed. You gonna force the best friend’s name and gender on us, or you gonna let us decide as the game gets more complete? Because I’m not a big fan of the name Jay, but that’s just me. Either way, looking forward to seeing more of it so I can get a better feel for it.

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I apologize. I forgot to add a scene. I just updated the link and that should fix it.

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Well, this seems very promising. I liked the idea and I’m looking forward to follow this wip. It would be nice if you choose more things to buy instead of just one, but it’s okay. It’s just the beginning. :slight_smile:


It was fun I liked it has a good premise. When you write more could you make there are other characters who survive the plane crash besides you and jay?

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So far had been good starting point of the story and intrigue as well. Can’t wait for the rest

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That wasn’t in my original plans but that’s an excellent suggestion. I can
add a few more npc’s to find and potentially save. I’m still refining the
first scene, because I have a few things I would like to add there, as in
resetting Jay’s pronouns and also giving readers another camping item to
get at Walmart.

A bit late to the party, but…

I feel like this WIP holds a lot of promise, especially for a survival game since the setting really gives you a lot of potential to work with. Although, I am a bit curious as to whether the climate will play a significant role in the game or not.

It was also interesting that we got a backstory into how we met Jay, it gave me a better feel for his personality and thus I felt more inclined to make sure he survived the crash.

Overall, the short demo was well executed and managed to grasp my attention. I look forward to following this WIP.

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I’m really intrigued by this WIP since I don’t think I’ve ever played a wilderness survival game before, excited to see how it fleshes out :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your comments! I opted to set it in Canada, to add an additional challenge to keep warm in the weather. It’s also why you have a heat/cold opposed pair for your survival information.

I’m very excited to continue this. As you mentioned, the outdoors does open up a lot of possibilities and options. Although because of the plethora of options, it might be a little bit challenging, but I’m up for it and I’m dedicated.

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Working on the game. Am very excited.
Edit: I’m updating in two days and so far I’ve spent a good amount of time rewriting the scene where you get busted with a paper airplane. Priorities!


I’m liking this just like the program lost a bit

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I actually enjoyed this demo. I’m not one for survival games but you do write well and I was intrigued by the narrative. Keep it up!


I abousulty love it first I was like eh would it be good you suprised me

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Love it :slight_smile: it’d be cool if Jay and you could have a potential relationship, but I understand if not.

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honestly that was my hope when i first read it :smile:

Thank you for the compliments! I’m glad this demo made you intrigued.

Nothing is off the table yet.


i know its overused in almost every WIP but can we have being in the military as one of the backgrounds that way we start of with okay athletics and know how to survive in extreme situations.

P.S. not trying to put more work on your shoulders but can there be some bad ass moments for the character… i know this is a survival game and not an action RPG but lets say something like jay cant swim and he fell into a river that’s headed towards a waterfall and we save him in a really cool way these are the kind of moments i want