New member here. Do most people post up their ideas and what/how they want to achieve them before testing?


First of all welcome to the forum.

Most people post their ideas first then work on a demo and post it to feedback as you work on improving it.


Thank you for the welcome. There seems to be a nice, friendly atmosphere in this community. :slight_smile: I think I will start a new discussion in the same category to talk about what I’m working on. Hello just seems a little vague to me!


Name the discussion what you plan to call your game then there is a discussion for your project :slight_smile:


Good idea. I’ll post everything right away. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome and good luck with your first project. The community is extremely helpful and help is never too far away :slight_smile:


Welcome :smiley:


And although you are free to discuss anything here, the more detailed your idea the better the feedback you receive is. So write a short introductory paragraph or demo and get lots of feedback.

And welcome to the forum!


@Bastiaan thank you for the support and advice. i have actually posted an outline for my first game. you can take a look at it if you like:

if you do like it, thank you! if you don’t or think there’s things that need improving i appreciate that too and am always looking for a way to improve the story. :slight_smile: